Family:John Ramsey and Mary Black (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Abt. 1743 Prob. Augusta County, Virginia
BET 1743 AND 1744 Augusta County, Virginia
Bef. 1783
chr. 16 APR 1749 Augusta County, Virginia
14 Oct 1832
Bet. 1752 - 1760
Bef. 15 June 1784 Augusta County, Virginia

NOTE: There were TWO John Ramsey's that have been confused by some researchers studying early Augusta County, Virginia. This John Ramsey lived in Beverly Manor on S. River, and is known as "John Ramsey of Beverley Manor".

Will of John Ramsey

Genealogy Report and Notes of John Ramsey and Mary Black:

Descendants of John Ramsey, Capt.

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN2 RAMSEY, CAPT. (ROBERT1) was born Abt. 1725, and died 1783 in Augusta County, Virginia. He married MARY BLACK Abt. 1743 in Prob. Augusta County, Virginia, daughter of JOHN BLACK and MARGARET GORDON. She was born Bef. 1726, and died 1786 in Augusta County, Virginia.


John RAMSEY was born about 1726. He married Mary.

Capt. in the Augusta Co. Militia, a founding member of Tinkling Spring Church and owned tracts of land in Beverly Manor/Borden's Grant. Left a will in Augusta, VA in 1783 naming seven sons and grandchildren. Sons were William, James, John, Alexander, Andrew, George & Daniel. See note under son.

Mary was born about 1730. She married John RAMSEY.

From Augusta County, VA records:

Page 315.—15th May, 1767. John Ramsey and Mary ( ) to John Gilmer, Jr., £145 paid to Andrew Evans, 220 acres, part of 400 acres which did belong to John Ramsey upon main branch of James River, corner Carmickel's land. Delivered: Robert Thompson, 24th May, 1784.

10th May 1768. John Ramsey and Mary to John White 100pounds, 180 acres on James River, corner John Gilmore.

Notes for MARY BLACK:

Page 545.--30th December, 1785. Mary Ramsey's will, of Parish of St. Anne's, Albemarle County--To Alexander Ramsey, son to James Ramsey, infant; to six sons, viz: John, Alexander, Andrew, William, George Ramsey, and Andrew Steele; to Mary Ramsey, daughter to James Ramsey, infant. Executors, son John Ramsey and Andrew Steele. Teste: Samuel Black, Alex. Cummin, James Perthulls. Proved, 17th October, 1786, by Black and Perthulls. Executors qualify.

Children of JOHN RAMSEY and MARY BLACK are:

  • i. WILLIAM3 RAMSEY, b. Abt. 1744, Augusta County, Virginia; d. 1832; m. MARGARET WALLACE, 1762, Virginia; b. 1744, prob. Virginia.

Notes for WILLIAM RAMSEY: One source has a marriage date of 03 Dec 1785 for William Ramsey and Margaret Wallace, but that appears to be incorrect, based upon other sources. More research is necessary on this line.

This information has obvious errors (birthdate of William Ramsey, Jr.), but is being included for future clues:

William RAMSEY [Parents] was born about 1772 in Albemarle Co., VA. He died in 1832 in Albemarle Co., VA. William was married was married on 3 Dec 1785 in Albemarle Co., VA.

I received this 9/99 from Stephanie Mayo-Scott :

"The parents of Mary (Polly) Ramsey were a William Ramsey & Margaret Wallace. I have no dates of birth for Mary but, know she was born in Albemarle.

Her father, William was born ca. 1754 in Augusta Co., VA. William and Margaret Wallace were married 3 Dec. 1785 in Albemarle, recorded 13 Dec 1785. William died in 1832 per his will & not 1825 per Rev. Woods' book & others including the DAR records. They may have confused his year of death with that of a son, also named William, who died 1825. William (the father) was a signer of the Albemarle Declaration of Independence and did "patriotic service" during the Rev. War. According to his will, he & Margaret had 5 children, at least those living when his will was written. Named were, John Ramsey (my line), he married Mary Black Andrew Ramsey, I don't know the wife's name but, have a list of children

Jane Harris, wife of Jarrett Margaret (Peggy) Martin, wife of Meredith Mary (Polly) Wayland, wife of Jeremiah. He also was the executor of William's will

He & Margaret may have also had a son named William who preceeded his father in death as per a appraisel of a William Ramsey "Jr." who died 1825, he had little to no possessions and was apparently not married.

Mary's mother was Margaret Wallace, daughter of Andrew Wallace & Margaret Woods, and grandaughter of old Michael Woods & Lady Mary Campbell maternally. She was a paternal grandaughter of Elizabeth Woods & Peter Wallace Sr. Elizabeth was Michael's sister. Peter Wallace Sr. died in ireland and the rest of the Woods/Wallace families immigrated from Ireland ca 1724.

The father of William Ramsey was a John Ramsey of Augusta. I am still working on him. He was born ca 1726, place yet unknown. he was a Capt in the Augusta Co militia, a founding member of Tinkling Spring Church and owned tracts of land in Beverley Manor/Borden's Grant. He married a Mary _______ . I'm still working on her too! John left a will in Augusta in 1783 naming seven sons and grandchildren. Mary left a will in augusta in 1785, naming the same sons and grandchildren. The brothers of William Ramsey were James, John, Alexander, Andrew, George & Daniel. They possibly had a sister Mary as an Andrew Steele was named as "son" in both wills of John & Mary and in the will of Andrew Steele, he names his wife Mary.

This is pretty much all I have thus far on the Ramseys in Va. William Ramsey's estate which passed onto his descendants, was (later) called "Mirador". If I'm not mistaken, it sold a couple of years ago. I believe the old mill may also still be standing. It has been awhile since I have been down to that part of Va."

He had the following children:

  F i Mary RAMSEY 


Husband's Name

William RAMSEY (AFN:1X82-5LM)  Pedigree  

Born:  1742  Place:  , Albemarle, Va   
Died:  1825  Place:  , Albemarle, Va   
Buried:  1825  Place:  , Albemarle, Va   
Married:  1762  Place:  , Albemarle, Va   


Wife's Name

Margaret WALLACE (AFN:J9S8-84)  Pedigree  

Born:  1744  Place:  , Albemarle, Virginia   
Died:    Place:  , Albemarle, Va   
Buried:    Place:  , Albemarle, Va   
Married:  1762  Place:  , Albemarle, Va   

Father:  Andrew WALLACE (AFN:1VJX-DD)  Family  
Mother:  Margaret WOODS (AFN:1VJW-7D)   


1.  Sex  Name    
 M William RAMSEY (AFN:1X82-5P8)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1767   Place:  , Albemarle, Va   
   Died:  1832   Place:  , Albemarle, Va   
   Buried:  1832   Place:  , Albemarle, Va   

2.  Sex  Name    
 M Andrew RAMSEY (AFN:1X82-5MT)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1763   Place:  , Albemarle, Va   
   Died:    Place:  Staunton Rd., Albemarle, Va   
   Buried:    Place:  , Albemarle, Va   

3.  Sex  Name    
 M John RAMSEY (AFN:1X82-5N2)  Pedigree  

   Born:  1765   Place:  , Albemarle, Va   
   Died:  1815   Place:  , Albemarle, Va   
   Buried:  1815   Place:  , Albemarle, Va   

Some sources claim that this William Ramsey married Margaret Wallace, but the marriage dates appear to be too early to be this William Ramsey. More research is necessary to conclusively place this William.

ii. JAMES RAMSEY, b. 1745, Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia1; d. Bef. 1783.


Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia Volume I AUGUSTA COUNTY COURT RECORDS. ORDER BOOK No. XVIII NOVEMBER 18, 1783. (141) William Ramsey is appointed guardian to John Ramsey, orphan of James Ramsey

  • iii. JOHN RAMSEY, JR.2, b. 1747, Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia2,3; d. 1790, Kentucky4; m. Bet. 1765 - 17725,6.

Notes for JOHN RAMSEY, JR.: World Family Tree, CD#11, Tree #3344, lists the father of James Ramsey as GEORGE RAMSEY. The Parentage of James Ramsey (1773-1849), has not been verified and needs to be confirmed with more research..

From Chalkley's Augusta County, VA records:

Page 36.--1st May, 1790. John Ramsey, of District of Kentucky, to Andrew Steel and Andrew Ramsey, all his interest in estate of Daniel Ramsey, deceased, as heir-at-law to James Ramsey, and also devisee of Daniel Ramsey, deceased, viz., 323 acres willed to Daniel by John Ramsey, deceased, and conveyed to said John by Israel Christian, on South Branch of Shanandoah; 2 surveys to John Ramsey, deceased. Teste: Benjamin Stuart, James and John Ramsey.

  • iv. ALEXANDER RAMSEY, b. 1749, Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia7,8; m. MARY ???, Bef. 1777.
  • v. ANDREW RAMSEY, b. 1751, Virginia9; d. 14 Oct 1832; m. MARY STEELE, Abt. 1781; b. May 1753, Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia.

Notes for ANDREW RAMSEY: Andrew Ramsey that married Mary Steele is not a proven child of John Ramsey, but it is a possibility that several researchers have suggested. More research is necessary to conclusively prove a relationship. To this researcher, there appears to be no other Andrew Ramsey in the Augusta County, VA area that seems to fit date-wise as the husbane of Mary Steele, based upon over 20 years of research into Augusta County, VA families.

Andrew Ramsey is mentioned in the will of his father-in-law, Samuel Steele:

Page 202.--16th August, 1789. Samuel Steel's well--Executors, James and Andrew Steel; to son, Samuel; to four daughters, Margaret, Sarah, Martha, and Mary; to sons, James. Andrew, and Samuel. Teste: Samuel Finley, Andrew Ramsey, Jane Fienley. Proved, 16th February, 1790, by Samuel and Jane Finley. Executors qualify.

Notes for MARY STEELE: CAUTION, the following post contains obvious errors:

From post:

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I'm not sure if I've contacted you but we most certainly could have responded to other Ramsey postings. I was looking at your Ramsey family at your web site You list Sarah Fulton Ramsey as the daughter to William & Diana Ramsey.

Have you looked at where Sarah got her middle name, Fulton? Could it be from Martha Fulton, mother to Mary Steele wife of Andrew Ramsey b abt 1749.

Descendants of Martha Fulton

1 Martha Fulton b: Bef. 1721 . +Samuel Steele b: 1709 d: Bef. February 16, 1790 in VA, Augusta Co. ..... 2 Mary Steele b: May 1753 ......... +Andrew Ramsey b: Abt. 1749 in VA, Augusta Co. m: Abt. 1781 in VA, Augusta Co. d: October 14, 1832 ............. 3 Mary Ramsey b: November 26, 1786 in KY, Shelby Co., Shelbyville aka: Patsy d: December 08, 1851 ................. +James F Finley b: June 15, 1783 in VA, Augusta Co. m: October 02, 1811 in VA, Augusta Co. d: October 02, 1866 in MO, Lincoln Co. ...................... 4 Andrew Ramsey Finley b: April 03, 1818 in KY, Shelby Co., Shelbyville d: February 11, 1896 in CA, Orange Co., Santa Ana ............. 3 Sarah Ramsey b: Aft. 1781 ................. +John Finley b: in VA, Augusta Co. ............. 3 Martha Rosanna Ramsey b: Aft. 1781 ................. +Robert Finley ...................... 4 James Finley b: July 04, 1776 in VA, Augusta Co. d: March 06, 1853 in OH, Adams Co. .......................... +Dorcus Doak b: June 16, 1786 in VA, Augusta Co. m: August 24, 1805 d: August 24, 1835 in OH, Adams Co. ............. 3 Margaret Ramsey b: Aft. 1781 ............. 3 Samuel Ramsey b: Aft. 1781 ............. 3 Andrew Ramsey b: Aft. 1781 ............. 3 James Ramsey b: Abt. 1781 ..... 2 Sarah Steele b: Abt. 1749 ......... +John Finley b: Abt. 1740 ..... 2 Martha Rosanna Steele b: April 24, 1748 ......... +Robert Finley b: June 23, 1745 in VA, Augusta Co. d: November 15, 1815 ............. 3 Robert Finley b: Abt. 1766 ................. +Phoebe Glasgow b: Abt. 1768 ............. 3 Rosanna Finley b: Abt. 1767 ................. +Robert Uster Glosgow b: Abt. 1765 m: Abt. 1809 ..... 2 Samuel Steele b: 1736 in Ireland ......... +Sarah Hunter m: November 28, 1755 ............. 3 John Steele b: Aft. 1755 in VA, Rockbridge Co. ................. +Mary Fisher b: December 1757 in Scotland m: 1784 d: May 18, 1819 ...................... 4 Catherine Steele b: February 14, 1784 in VA, - TN ...................... 4 George Steele b: March 19, 1786 ...................... 4 Archibald Steele b: July 24, 1789 in TN, Knox Co., Knoxville ...................... 4 John Steele b: September 22, 1790 in TN .......................... +Elizabeth Davis ...................... 4 Elizabeth Steele b: August 20, 1792 ...................... 4 James Steele b: August 20, 1792 ...................... 4 Mary Steele b: August 20, 1792 in TN, Knox Co., Knoxville ...................... 4 Thomas F Steele b: May 30, 1797 in TN, Sumner Co. ..... 2 James Steele b: 1735

I just was wondering if this could be your Ramsey family? The time line looks good for one of the three younger sons to have been William Ramsey father. I saw an Elizabeth Ramsey in the 1830 Sumner Co. Census that is the right age to also be connected as the wife of one of the three sons.

I'm not sure if I sent you the information about the Ramsey DNA testing currently underway but take a look at

If your not already participating I would like encourage you to have a Ramsey male submit a DNA sample to narrow the search.

As an added point of interest I just came across Philander Ramsey in my line born in the 1840s. I apologize if I can't remember our correspondence but I've reached that age.

  • vi. MARY RAMSEY, b. Bef. 1752, of Augusta County, Virginia; m. ANDREW STEELE, 176510; b. 1743, Augusta County, Virginia10; d. 13 Feb 1800, Augusta County, Virginia11.

Notes for ANDREW STEELE: Andrew was named in his father in law's will, John Ramsey, who died in 1783 in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Court Records:

Page 279.---22d September, 1791. Alexander, Andrew, William, and George Ramsey, Andrew Steele to John Ramsey.

    Page 281.--77 acres and 98 acres patented to John Ramsey, deceased,

and become property of John Ramsey, son to James Ramsey, heir-at-law to said deceased and conveyed to Andrew Steele and Andrew Ramsey by said heir-at-law. Teste: John, James and Andey Ramsey.

Page 119 - - 13th February, 1800. Andrew Steele's will - - To wife and children; to son, Andrew; to daughter, Sarah; to daughter, Mary; son, John (land in Kentucky); daughter, Jean; to son, James (lands on Tence with Andrew). Executors, wife Mary, son John, Andrew Ramsey, Robt. Finley. Teste: Andrew Steele, Jr., Jno. McClure, Jno. Ramsey. Proved 22nd June, 1801. Finley refuses to execute. Others qualify.

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name 

Born:  1743  Place:  , Augusta, Virginia 
Died:  1800  Place:   
Married:  1765  Place:   

Father:  Samuel STEELE (AFN:FNWH-N4)    
Mother:  Margaret FULTON (AFN:FNWH-P9)   

Wife's Name 
Mary RAMSEY (AFN:FNWJ-10)    

Born:  < 1747  Place:  <, Augusta, Virginia> 
Married:  1765  Place:   

  • vii. DANIEL RAMSEY, b. Bet. 1752 - 1760; d. 1784, Augusta County, Virginia12.

Notes for DANIEL RAMSEY: From Chalkley's Augusta County, Virginia Court Records:

Page 420 - - 1st September, 1783. Daniel Ramsey's will - - To mother, amount in appraisement bill of father; to brother John Ramsey, Andrew Steel, Alex. Ramsey, Andrew Ramsey, Wm. Ramsey, George Ramsey, Jno. Ramsey (son of James, deceased), equal proportion of remainder; to brother Andrew, to be appraised by James Steel, Wm. Finley, Jr, Wm. Gilespey, Jno. Finley; to John Ramsey, son of James, infant; to Alex. Ramsey, son of James. Executors, Andrew Steel, John and Andrew Ramsey. Teste: John Black, Martha Black, Samuel Black. Proved, 15th June, 1784, by John and Samuel Black. John Ramsey and Andrew Steel qualified. Andrew Ramsey refused in persona.

DANIEL RAMSEY In the name of God amen I Daniel Ramsey of Augusta County and colony of Virginia being sick of body but of sound and perfect mind and memory praise be therefore given to almighty God I do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say first and principally I commend my soul into the hands of the living God hoping that through the merit of death and passion of our savior Jesus Christ to have fully and free pardon and forgivness of all my sins and to inherit everlasting life and my body I commend to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors hereafter named and as touching the disposition of all such temporal estate as it hath pleased God to bestow upon me I give and dispose as followeth First I will that my debts and funeral charges shall be paid and discharged Item I give unto my mother as much of my moveable property and negros by adding it to her own part mentioned in my fathers will as well amount to half of the negroes and movable property that is in the appraisement bill of the estate of my father deceased to her and her heirs forever and the whole of the rest of my movable property I give as followeth to my brother John Ramsey Andrew Steele Alexander Ramsey Andrew Ramsey William Ramsey George Ramsey and John Ramsey the son of James Ramsey deceased to each an equal proportion to them and their heirs forever Item I give unto my brother Andrew Ramsey the whole of my lands that I now possess to him and his heirs forever and that he the said Andrew Ramsey shall pay and obtain an equal proportion of the sum of three hundred pounds to the legatees above named to them and their heirs forever and as to the lands that is willed to me at my mothers death I will that James Steele William Finley William Gelespey and John Finley or any two of them shall appraise land and that my brother Andrew shall have the land to him and his heirs forever if he chooses to it at the appraisement paying and obtaining an equal proportion of said appraisement to the legatees as above mentioned to them and their heirs forever and if John Ramsey the son of James Ramsey should die before he becomes of full age his proportion of the said estate to fall to his brother Alexander Ramsey Item I will that Andrew Steele John Ramsey and Andrew Ramsey be full and sole executors of this my last will and testament in witness thereof I the said Daniel Ramsey to this my last will and testament do set my hand and seal in the year of our lord God this first day of September one thousand seven hundred and eighty three . If any suits of law or damages of any kind should be advanced against the said land the whole legatees to bear an equal share of the law Test John Black Martha Black Samuel Black

Court held for Augusta County June 15 1784 This last will and testament of Daniel Ramsey deceased was presented in court by Andrew Steele John Ramsey and William Ramsey the executors therein named and proved by the oath of John Black unto Samuel Black the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded whereupon the said John Ramsey and Andrew Steele acknowledged their bond in the sum of five hundred pounds for due execution of said office having taken the oath required by law (Andrew Ramsey having personally in court refused to take upon him the burden of the said executorship)

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  • viii. GEORGE RAMSEY, b. Bet. 1752 - 1760.


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