Family:Æthelred and Æthelflæd (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][4] by 887
Alt Marriage[3] perhaps end 889
Alt Marriage[2] bef 893
abt 0888
aft 0919
  1. Birch, Walter de Gray. Cartularium Saxonicum: a collection of charters relating to Anglo-Saxon history. . (London: Whiting & Company Ltd., 1885), p. 167.

    The date before 887 is suggested by Æthelflæd's name being attached to the charter quoted here. (A date of 880 is attached to the charter, but Baldwin notes that indiction suggests a date of 887. Baldwin expresses some doubt that the charter is genuine.)

  2. Ælfred "the Great", in Baldwin, Stewart, and Todd Farmerie. The Henry Project (King Henry II ): Ancestors of King Henry II.

    This date is based on the fact that the marriage is mentioned by Asser, who was writing in 893.

  3. ÆTHELRED, in Cawley, Charles. Medieval Lands: A prosopography of medieval European noble and royal families.

    Cawley tentatively gives this date despite citing the charter linked to above.

  4. Bailey, Maggie. "Ælfwynn, Second Lady of the Mercians.", in Higham, N.J. (ed.), and D.H. (ed.) Hill. Edward the Elder: 899-924. (London: Routledge, 2001), p. 112.

    Bailey accepts the charter evidence: "The marriage had definitely occurred by 887, when Æthelflæd signed the diploma S 217 as coniunx (Sawyer 1968:125)."