Family:Dennis Driskill and Honorah Unknown (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage? ca 1686-1691 Somerset Co., MD
aft 1740
Sept 17, 1689 Somerset Co., MD

--GaleB 19:31, 13 May 2009 (EDT) Edward Hammon/Hammond died in 1718. His executors are Dennis Driskell and Anne Griffin. Anne Griffin is the mother of Oliver Griffin. Later, Dennis Driskell is made guardian of Oliver Griffin. And, later still, after Dennis has died, Oliver Griffin is listed (on tax records) as living with Moses Driskell. Why? What was the connection between these people? Was Ann Griffin the daughter of Winifred, by a previous marriage?

Hammon, Edward Sr., gent., Somerset Co., MD 17th July, 1718 4th Sept., 1718 To Hester (dau of Catherine Diall), Oliver Griffin, Anne Griffin, Catherine Diall, grandsons John & Edward (sons of son Edward), William Bowen and Hannah (dau of Denis Diall), personalty. To dau Mary Bowen, ls. Residue of estate to Anne and Oliver Griffin, equally. Exs.: Dennis Driskell and Anne Griffin, jointly. Test: John Truitt, John Jones and Benj. Burton. 14.674 Source: Maryland Calendar of Wills, 7 vol. series, by Baldwin and Henry, reprint 1988

Winifred was a 2nd or 3rd wife. There is nothing in the records to say when she and Dennis married but it is unlikely she was the mother of any of his children. Winifred was deceased by 1724 when Moses returned her inventory.

  1.   It is unclear if Honorah and Hannah were the same person. It is also, at this time, uncertain who the mother was for each of Dennis' children. All we know are given names of the women that appear in the various records. For now, the children are not actually connected to any of these women.