Family:Daniel Follweiler and Maria Reitz (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 1 Aug 1843 Lynn, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, United States
10 Oct 1918
Aft. 1912
Aft. 1912
16 Nov 1949
Aft. 1940

1850 US Census Lynn Twp., Lehigh Co., PA
Follweiler, Daniel, 31, Laborer, PA
Follweiler, Maria, 26, PA
Follweiler, Owen, 7, PA
Follweiler, Amma [Emma], 4, PA
Follweiler, Damy, 2 (F)

I believe the cursive version of Damy [presumably a dimunitive of Dama] in the 1850 census leads many to include a Daniel (Danny) in this family by mistake. --Jrich 21:20, 11 September 2008 (EDT)

1860 US Census, Lynn Twp., Lehigh Co., PA
Follweiler, Daniel F, age 41
Follweiler, Maria, age 36
Follweiler, Owen, age 16
Follweiler, Emma R, age 13
Follweiler, Jane, age 9
Follweiler, Polly, age 6
Follweiler, Anson, age 2

I believe Dama, who is missing from this listing, is the 12 year Dianna Follwiler living in the household of Samuel Reitz of Lynn Township in 1860. --Jrich 21:20, 11 September 2008 (EDT)

Some sources include an Amanda in this family. For example, Brobst Family Historical Registry shows an Amanda H. Follweiler, b. 1857, no further information provided. This could be derived from the "Amma" in the 1850 census, but I believe that is Emma, and that would not explain the 1857 birth date. No Amanda shows up in the 1860 census, or in Samuel Stump's household in 1870 after her widowed mother remarries. Neither Source:History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, and a genealogical and biographical record of its families nor Source:Family history and record book of the descendants of Johan Friedrich Reitz : the pioneer who landed at Philadelphia, Pa. September 7, 1748 list an Amanda in this family. If there was an Amanda in this family, a fact which I believe is not justified by the evidence I have seen, it seems probable that she must have died young.

Source:Follweiler Family of Eastern Pennsylvania is another source that shows an Amanda in this family. However, this source also shows a Daniel and a Dianna which are probably various spellings of Dama, seen at different points of time and assumed to be different children. It also shows an "Annz" and Emma, and these may both represent various spellings of Emma, without realizing they represent the same person. So, it might not be too far-fetched to speculate that Amanda is possibly a result of some variation of Jane Amanda Follweiler, which some sources give as Jane's full name. --Jrich 13:08, 12 September 2008 (EDT)

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