Family:Charles Kilgore and Martha McIllhaney (1)

b. abt. 1744 Ireland
d. after 6 June 1822
b. Bef. 1747
m. abt. 1762-1763
Facts and Events
Marriage? abt. 1762-1763
Aft. 21 Mar 1834 Rhea County, Tennessee
Aft. 1850

Descendants of Charles Kilgore

Generation No. 1

1. CHARLES2 KILGORE (UNKNOWN1) was born 18 Jan 1743/44 in Clare, Ireland or Scotland, and died 16 May 1823 in Greenville, Green County, Tennessee. He married MARTHA MCILLHANEY WFT Est. 1761-1764 in Prob. North Carolina. She was born Bef. 1746, and died 05 Jul 1832 in Greene County, Tennessee.

Notes for CHARLES KILGORE: Some sources list Charles Kilgore's wife as Winney Clayton (This was his brother Robert's wife).. This is incorrect. Charles' only wife was Martha, the wife listed in his last will and testament.

Other Sources claim that Charles was killed by Indians in 1783. Charles Kilgore WAS NOT killed by Indians in 1783! James Green WAS killed by Indians, but Charles lived another 41 years. This unfortunate story started because some rearchers who originally believed that Charles married Winnie Clayton, and since she was listed on the Tax list of Washington County, VA in 1783 with Jane Porter Green (wife of James Green), it was assumed that Charles had died. Charles Kilgore died 5/16/1823 in Green County, Tennessee , where he filed his will naming his wife Martha, and eight children. His will was dated 6/6/1822, and probated 7/1/1823. This information can be verified by Jerry Penley (e-mail: Penjacc

Some researchers have believed that the wife of Charles Kilgore was Martha McIlhaney, daughter of Cpt. James McIlhaney. This has been disputed by other researchers, as listed in the following post by Vickie Miller, a long-time Kilgore researcher:

Re: Correction - Robt. Kilgore m. Winnie Posted by: Vickie Miller Date: June 16, 2000 at 07:11:24 In Reply to: Re: Correction - Robt. Kilgore m. Winnie by Jim Veregge of 824

An early Kilgore researcher claimed that Charles Kilgore's wife was a "daughter of Cpt. James McIlhaney". From that piece of information it was presumed by later researchers that her name was Martha McIlhaney (knowing that her name was Martha from Charles' will). Estate records from Cpt. James McIlhaney prove he didn't have a daughter named Martha. He did have a daughter named Louisa who married a Charles (Jourdan) Kilgore and by whom she had two sons named John and James. In 1830 Loudoun Co VA, this Charles Kilgore was granted guardianship of his two sons, John and James following the death of his wife Louisa. These two children were later mentioned in Cpt. James McIlhaney's estate settlement which followed. Maryland Kilgore researchers have proven that this Charles Jourdan Kilgore was a desc. of Thomas Kilgore and Rebecca Lasley of Cecil Co MD. This John and James Kilgore can be found in later records in Montgomery Co MD. Charles Kilgore who died in 1823 Greene Co TN also had two sons named John and James whom he named in his will. Early researchers claimed that following Charles' death, they removed to Maryland to be "near their mother's people". This isn't true. James Kilgore s/o Charles and Martha died April 11, 1824 and his estate was settled in Greene Co TN. His brother, John, was the administrator of his estate. John M. Kilgore s/o Charles and Martha was a justice of the peace in Greene Co for a number of years and his name appears on many records. He died June 30, 1848 in Greene Co TN and his widow, Lydia (Henderson) continued to live there until her death in 1866. John M. Kilgore appears on both 1830 and 1840 census records in Greene Co TN. Martha Kilgore, widow of Charles Kilgore also appears on 1830 census of Greene Co TN. She was listed as being born between 1750 and 1760. (She almost certainly fudged on her age in order to have had a daughter born in 1766, unless she was under the age of 21 at the time of her marriage -which was unusual in that time). This proves that she was a contemporary of Cpt. James McIlhaney and not of an age to have been his daughter. Deed evidence from Russell Co VA, prove that Winnie Clayton Kilgore (often mistakenly believed to have been the wife of Charles Kilgore)was still living in 1813 when she witnessed a deed for her son Robert. Early researchers claim that she died ca 1787 and it was after this date that Charles Kilgore was supposed to have remarried. At this time, there has been no documentation found that proves who Charles Kilgore's parents were and they remain a mystery. Thomas Kilgore and Lydia Kilgore of Orange Co NC had a son named Charles Kilgore who married Unis/Annis Lea in 1796 Orange Co NC.

From "The King's Mountain Men", by Katherine Keogh White, Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore, 1985: Kilgore, Charles was a private under Campbell, and was wounded. In the pension list of Greene County, Tennessee, in 1820, he is named an invalid with an allowance of $48 a year.

   There was a Kilgore Station in the basin of the Cumberland.

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Sex:  M   


Born:  1744  
 , Ireland  


Father:  Thomas KILGORE   
Mother:  Phoebe LEE   

Source Information: 
Film Number: 1760828  

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Sex:  M   


Born:  18 Jan 1744  
 Nr Kilgory, Clare, Ireland  


Father:  James William KILGORE   
Mother:  Elizabeth JACK   

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 Film Number: 1903753  


  • i. MARTHA3 KILGORE, b. Bet. 1761 - 1770, Orange County, North Carolina; d. Aft. 21 Mar 1834, Rhea County, Tennessee; m. DANIEL J. WALKER, 26 May 1788, Greene County, Tennessee; b. 1761, prob. Virginia; d. 21 Mar 1834, Rhea County, Tennessee.


  • ii. REBECCA KILGORE, b. Bet. 1765 - 1767, Orange County, North Carolina; d. Aft. 1850; m. ADAM SHERRILL, 1790, Greene County, Tennessee; b. 10 Mar 1758, on the Yadkin River, Rowan County, North Carolina; d. Jun 1828, Russellville County, Alabama.


SHERRILL, ADAM, was born on the Yadkin, 1758, and died at Russellville, Ala., whither he had gone with his sister, "Bonny Kate", the widow of Colonel Sevier. His wife was Mary, a daughter of Cornelius Cormack, and his son Enos married Mary Abernathy. Adam was in the battle at Boyd's Creek and King's Mountain.—White's King's Mountain Men, p. 224.

Genealogy of Adam Sherill's family listed in "Sequachie Families" by James L. Douthat.

From USGenweb Archive: [1596] Fought in the battle of King's Mountain. December 1780 in the battle of Boyd's Creek. Land grant from North Carolina on the Little Limestone River in Washington County. In 1783 he paid taxes on 200 acres on Polular Creek. Has son Enos who married Mary Abernathy and daughter Catsey who married Robert Samuel Ma- han of Roane County (these children's mother is unknown).

(Source: Roots of Roane County TN, by Snyder E. Roberts, page 174-5--Write up on SHERRILL "Adam Sherrill's name is on the 1801 petition to erect Roane County. He was in Capt. Gray Simms militia company in Roane in 1802 and his name appears in various Roane records including the 1805 tax list. Capt. McElwee mistakenly has Adam living on John Sevier's land on the Clinch River. Adam bought (A, p.102) 290 acres of land on Main Poplar Creek from John McClellan which was registered in 1802. …………Adam Sherrill's farm would have been near the old Emery Road, and in addition to the Henleys, he would have enjoyed such fine neighbors as Rev. War soldier Arden Evans and Alexander Mahan. In 1807, Adam Sherrill sold (B. p.335) 280 acres to Arthur H. Henley, and another tract to Nathaniel Cox in 1808.

By 1801, Adam had moved to Bledsoe County, TN. In 1819 he sold (Bledsoe Book D, p 38) a negro girl named Ester to Robert Samuel Mahan who had married (1804) Catsey Sherrill (probably Adam's daughter) in Roane County. In 1826, Adam sold (D.p.267) two tracts of land in Bledsoe to Samuel R. Sherrill witnessed by HENRY H. SHERRILL. In 1826, Adam sold (d, p 277) to his son Charles K. for love and affection a negro boy named Edward age 8 years. Also in 1826, he executed a deed of gift (D, p 273) to his son Craven for 110 acres where Adam then lived which adjoined Charles K. Sherrill, and a deed (D, p 268) for a negro woman with Craven to have possession after the death of Adam's widow.

Although the names of Adam Sherrill's children are not readily available, some are known. Adam's children included: 1. CRAVEN (1801-1864) mar. Mary A. Branson. His mother was Rebecca Kilgore Sherrill. He lived in the part of Bledsoe that was later in Cumberland Co. after 1855. 2. CHARLES KILGORE, 3 ENOS married Mary Abernathy. 4. HANNAH (by Mary) married (1796) William Houston in Green Co. TN. 5. A probable daughter was CATSEY Sherrill who married (1804) in Roane , Robert Samuel Mahan. The SAMUEL R. and HENRY H. SHERRILL mentioned above as being in Bledsoe Co. where possibly sons or at least closely related. JESSE B. Sherrill who married (1806 in Roane) Polly Francis seemed to be closely associated with William Sherrill in Roane, but Jesse B. removed to Bledsoe County where he bought and sold lots in the town of Pikeville in 1821. Of course, Adam and other Sherrills in Bledsoe County were only a hop, skip, and a jump from his sister, Bonny Kate, when she lived in Overton County, TN."

  • iii. MARY KILGORE, b. 13 Feb 1766, Orange County, North Carolina; d. Mar 1845, Scott County, Virgnia; m. JAMES CULBERTSON, WFT Est. 1780-1812; b. 19 Jan 1764, Orange County, North Carolina; d. 14 Jan 1823, Caswell County, North Carolina.

Notes for JAMES CULBERTSON: Another James Culbertson? Caswell County, NC Marriage Index: KY, NC, TN, VA, WV, 1728-1850

Culbertson, James Spouse : Gillyon, Mary Marriage date : Dec 13, 1785

  • iv. WILLIAM KILGORE, b. Bet. 1772 - 1773, Orange County, North Carolina; d. 21 Oct 1826, Rhea County, Tennessee; m. JANE HENDERSON, 15 Nov 1796; b. Abt. 1777; d. Aft. 1870.
  • v. JOHN M. KILGORE, b. 16 Oct 1775, Orange County, North Carolina; d. 30 Jun 1848, Greene County, Tennessee; m. LYDIA HENDERSON, 08 Apr 1800, Greene County, Tennessee; b. 1783, Virginia; d. 12 Feb 1866, Greene County, Tennessee.
  • vi. ELIZABETH BLACK KILGORE, b. Bet. 1776 - 1780, North Carolina or Tennessee; m. JOSEPH WALKER, 26 Aug 1797, Greene County, Tennessee.
  • vii. SARAH SMITH KILGORE, b. Bet. 1780 - 1790, North Carolina or Tennessee; d. Bef. 1850, Platte County, Missouri; m. SAMUEL HENDERSON, 16 Aug 1800, Greene County, Tennessee; b. Bef. 1783.
  • viii. JAMES KILGORE, b. 07 Jul 1787, Greene County, Tennessee; d. 11 Apr 1824, Greene County, Tennessee; m. MARGARET (PEGGY) WALKER, 25 Jul 1809, Greene County, Tennessee; b. Bef. 1793.