Family:Charles Hyde and Mary Rinke (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2][3] 11 MAR 1904 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Census[2] 1910 Hamtramck, Wayne, Michigan, United StatesHamtramck Township,
Census[4] 1920 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
ABT 1907
ABT 1917
ABT NOV 1909
ABT NOV 1909
ABT NOV 1909
BET APR 1910 AND 1920
13 JUL 1985
29 NOV 1994

Charles came to the United States from Quebec when he was a young child, sometime in the early 1870s. Little is known of his family. Charles was in the Navy in 1900, serving as a gunners mate on the USS_Kearsarge (BB-5).

Mary was the daughter of German immigrants. They came to the Unites States at the beginning of the Civil War. They settled in the Detroit area.

Charles and Mary were both older than normal when they married in 1904. He was 33 and she was 27. Charles worked in the burgeoning auto industry in the days of Henry Ford when automobile’s were new and beginning to change the world. Charles worked at Cadillac when it was independent car company, prior to being bought by GM.

Most of the information about Carl and Mary Rinke Hyde is contained in a letter from Loretta Hyde Strole (daughter of Charles and Mary Rinke Hyde). The letter was sent to Madeline Hyde Kowalsky, Loretta’s niece.

  • Mother’s people (Mary Rinke Hyde) came from (sic) They lived in Heilgenstadt then Kaltenburg Prussia near Rastenburg). Neu Rosenthal (this is now Ketrzyn, Masowiecki, Poland) this was just south of Konigsberg (which is now Koliningrad, Soviet Union (now Russia)). Rastenburg is in the Masurian Lakes region 40 miles ENE of Allenstein (Olsztyn). After WWII when it was 50% destroyed all the German population left.
  • They landed in Detroit in Dec of 1861. Her father’s name was Carl Rinke. Her mothers name was Helena Brant before she was married. Carl and Helena Rinke. She had 5 brothers and 2 sisters. (Margin note from Madeline – “I’m note sure if she means Helena had 5 brothers and sisters or if Carl and Helena had 8 children including Mary).
  • Mother (Mary Rinke Hyde) was born in Detroit and married my dad. Mary Rinke and Charles Hyde. They had 7 children. Henry Hyde your dad, Clara Hyde died at 10 years old, and Anna, Charles, (margin note from Madeline says “twins”), died in infancy, Irma, Loretta, (Frances Lucky).
  • I don’t know much about my father (Charles Hyde). I’m trying to find out about him. All I know is that his family came from Canada (see Thomas Hyde and Mary Stickey). He had a brother and 2 sisters. They’re all dead now, so are all of Mother’s family. She was the last one living.

It would appear the family had a strain of tragedy running through it. Charles and Mary lost a set of twins. Daughter Clara then died in 1917 at age ten. Charles died at 57 when his youngest daughters Mercedes and Loretta were 11 and 18. Charles son Henry would also die at a young age and leave three young girls behind to be raised by his widow.

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