Family:Charles Hartzell and Lena Schwager (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 16 Jun 1906 Green Lane, Montgomery, Pennsylvania

Charles Hartzell and Lena Schwager were married on 16 Jun 1906 in Green Lane, Pennsylvania by Edwin K. Kline, minister of the gospel. Lena was 15 years old and Charles was 21. Their marriage would last less than a year, ending with Charles' death in May 1907. On the 1910 census, Lena (Schwager) Hartzell was listed as the mother of one child, deceased, presumably from this marriage.

  1. Marriage Record, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, book 33, page 100, no. 16144 (1906), Hartzell-Schwager]; Marriage License Department, Montgomery County Courthouse, Norristown, Pennsylvania.

    name of man: Charles J. Hartzell
    name of woman: Lena H. Schwager
    relationship of parties: none
    age of man: 21 years
    age of woman: 15 [years]
    residence of man: Marlborough Township
    residence of woman: [Marlborough Township]
    parents' names - man: Paul and Kate Hartzell
    parents' names - woman: John and Hannah Schwager
    consent of parents: Fathers consent filed
    married before - man: no
    married before - woman: no
    color of parties: White
    occupation of man: Block maker
    occupation of woman: Domestic

    I, Edwin K. Kline hereby certify, that on the 16th day of June one thousand nine hundred and six, at Green Lane, Pa[.,] Charles J. Hartzell and Lena H. Schwager were by me united in marriage, in accordance with license issued by the Clerk of the Orphans' Court of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, numbered 16144