Data:Porter Wills and Admin records index for Chester County PA, 1714-1876


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From Chester County Archives Department, Wills and Administrations, Porter Date Ordered data

Name Location File Date Occupation Will Bond Inventory AccountIndex
Porter Andrew London Britain 1739 Yeoman No Yes Yes No 663
Porter William 1749 Yes No Yes Yes 1256
Porter Charles West Nottingham 1759 Yeoman No Yes Yes No 1784
Porter James West Nantmeal 1775 Blacksmith Yes No Yes Yes 2915
Porter Patrick West Caln 1777 Yes No Yes Yes 3067
Porter William Oxford 1781 Farmer Yes No Yes Yes 3325
Porter Robert East Caln 1785 Yes No Yes Yes 3752
Porter Jehu Thornbury 1788 Yeoman Yes No No No 3932
Porter John Coventry 1822 No Yes Yes Yes 7204
Porter Joseph East Nantmeal 1828 No Yes Yes Yes 8280
Porter Margaret West Bradford 1831 No Yes Yes Yes 8609
Porter Solomon New London 1848 No Yes No No 11286
Porter David New London 1850 No Yes Yes Yes 11632
Porter Samuel West Fallowfield 1861 Yes No Yes Yes 13974
Porter John South Coventry 1876 Yes No Yes Yes 17990