Daniel Smith's Company, Fincastle County, VA, 1774

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align=centerBut from the borders of southwest Virginia, alarming reports continued to pour into Williamsburg, the Virginia capital. The enemy had penetrated to within thirty miles of Botetourt courthouse, and all settlers upon the Holston and Clinch were gathered within fortified stockades. Impelled by this serious condition, Lord Dunmore took the initiative...calling out the militia of the western counties, and prepared for aggressive measures. Source:Thwaites and Kellogg, 1905:xv.

Source Information

Title: A List of Capt. Daniel Smith's Company of Militia, Fincastle County
Intermediate Source:Source:Thwaites and Kellogg, 1905:396; Source:Virginia Colonial Militia:79
Original Source: Draper MSC 4XX61
Location:Fincastle County, VA
Date:undated, but in 1774


Name Source:Thwaites and Kellogg, 1905 Source:Virginia Colonial Militia
Daniel Smith Capt. X X
Burton Litton X X
Wm. Bowen Lieut. X X
David Kingkeid Jr. X X
John Kinckeid Ensign X X
Benjn. Jones X Benj. Jones
David Ward Ensign. X X
Wm. Neale X X
Drury Pricket (Pucket) X X
Robt. Griffin X X
Robt. Brown X X
Robt. Donalson X X
Joseph Home X Joseph Horne
Thomas Price X X
James Smith X X
Jas. Kendrick X James Kendrick
Jas. Scott. X James Scott
Ricrd Price X Richard Price
Archelaus Scott X X
Thos. Mullin X Thomas Mullin
James Price X X
Wm. McFarland X X
Joseph Olverson X X
Alden Williams X X
Saml. Dollarhide X X
John Courtney X X
Saml. Vanhook X X
Charles _____ X X
Christian Bergman X X