Cumberland Co KY Cowan Men

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Cumberland, Kentucky, United States
Clinton, Kentucky, United States
Wayne, Kentucky, United States
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1790 - 1880

"Old" Cumberland County, Was Split into Cumberland Co (west), Clinton Co (between), And Western Part of Wayne, Kentucky, United States

The early Cumberland Cowans were all born in VA, including the children of James Cowan, Sr. The four early Cowan men, Andrew, James,and William are thought to be brothers, with David, the probably son of James, per Jack Ferguson. All circumstantial (no proof yet). Jack Ferguson's account is noted here, as indicated below.

ANDREW COWAN-b.1790-91 VA Early Cumberland Co Cowan, Spring Creek (now Clinton Co KY) Source: Jack Ferguson, "Early Times in Clinton Co" (KY) Revised Edition, Volume I, pg. 128 1799 Andrew Cowan received grant of 200 acres on Smith creed, surveyed on June 21, 1799.

DAVID COWAN-b. VA Early Cumberland Co Cowan, Source: Jack Ferguson pg 129 1-1810 US Census, Cumberland Co KY, notes David Cowan. He is not listed on the 1837 Tax List. 2-Probable son of James Cowan, Sr.

JAMES COWAN SR. b. VA Source;Jack Ferguson Pg:128 1800, James Cowan, Sr. 200 acre tract surveyed on lower Spring Creek, June 3, 1800 "adjoining the settlement of Benjamin Ferguson". However, he lived on a farm on the west side of Smith Creek. 1-James Cowan served as Justice of the Peace "in the primitive backwoods area". Served as Sheriff in 1817.

JAMES COWAN JR. ("killed by a tree" James Cowan, AKA Smith Creek James Cowan) Smith Creek is tributary to Spring Creek, that flows into the Wolf River, that flows into the Obey and then Cumberland River in TN. Parts of these river banks are under the Dale Hollow Lake, when the dam by the same name was formed. 1828, Jack Ferguson pg. 128 "On the last day of May 1828, William Wood, commissioner appointed by the Cumberland County Court, held a public auction at the home of Andrew Cowan to dispose of James Cowan's estate. The widow Polly Cowan, purchased the two trcts, each containing 200 acres, which he owned." This James Cowan Jr. after he was killed by a tree falling on him. 1831, Jack Ferguson, pg. 128 "In 1831 we find, John, Rebecca, james, Samuel, Thomas, David, Elizabeth, and Andrew Cowan joining the sale of 200 acres on Smith Creek to ambrose Pierce. These were undoubtedly the heirs of James and Polly Cowan."

JAMES C. COWAN B. 1819, Per DNA, this line is connected with the Sevier Co TN, and Jefferson Co Cowan men, ie: David Cowan d. 1811. (AKA James Campbell Cowan per grandson account)married twice: 1st:Sarah Martin,d/o Solomon Martin; 2nd:Jemima Amanda Ferguson d/o William & Zilph(Huff)Ferguson (Line proven per US Census Records, County Records.) Dot Doll's maternal great-great grandparents

1-1850 US Census, Clinton Co KY, Albany, Dist 10-1, notes James C.-31, a farmer, wife:Sarah-24?, children: Andrew-6, Martha-4, George A-3, James B.-1, all born in KY.

   1856-1859 Clinton Co Deaths note: Sara Cowan 33 yu, white, female, d. 23 June 1857 of Typhoid Fever, her father's name listed as Solomon Martin.

2-1860 US Census, Clinton Co KY, Albany, pg. 186, notes james C.-41, wife:Jemima (Gemima)-32, Martha-14, George A.-13, Mary-11, Juliza-9, William-1, All family born in KY.

3-1870 US Census, Clinton Co KY, Albany, Dist, notes Jas. C.-51, a farmer, wife: Jemima-42, Children: Mary-31, James-14, William 12, Champ-3, Samuel-2 (Dot Doll's ancestor), All family born in KY.

4- 1880 US Census, Clinton Co KY, Albany, Dist-2, notes J.C.Cowan-61, a farmer, wife_Jemima-52, Thomas (Champ)-18, Samuel-17, Allene-9, All born in KY. James C. Cowan's father born in VA, mother born KY.

5-1890 Clinton Co Census compiled from local records, notes: Jemima Cowan, Aug 1828, KY

6-Jack Ferguson, "Early Times in Clinton Co" (KY), Pg:133 Revised Edition Volume I, Notes James C. Cowan's children as; per Sarah: Martha b. 1846 George Andrew b. 1846 (m. F. Felkins, no issue) Mary 1-1848 Juliza 1851 son 1854 d. Oct 19k 1854 James B. b. 12 Sep 1855 d. Oct 19 1940 (James B.'s descendant wrote "Cowan Chronicles" found at the LDS Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah)

per Jemima Sarah E. 1858 d. 1 Feb 1859 (confirmed by county death record) Andrew 1859 d. Aug 19, 1859 (confirmed by county death record) William Campbell b. 20 Feb 1860 d. 16 Sep 1931 m. Mary Jane Brooks (confirmed) Champ Thomas b. 22 Dec 1861-November 29, 1926, m. Sarah Emmeline Hays (confirmed0 Samuel-b. 1868, d. ca 1894 m. Parazetta Cumming (Dot Doll's ancestors) Allen 1871

JOHN COWAN-(AKA married to Silva, James Cowan) Source: Jack Ferguson pg. 129 1820 US Census notes John Cowan. (later census record, note his wife as Silva, a mulatto.

THOMAS COWAN (AKA married to Margaret, Thomas Cowan)

WILLIAM COWAN-b. VA Early Cumberland Co Cowan-Spring Creek (now Clinton Co KY) Source: Jack Ferguson: 128 1807 recived 200 acres on "same creek" (Spring Creek) 1819 died

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