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Coker Indian Wars Pension Index - 1892-1926

Found this info in a book at the library "Indian Wars Pensions 1892-1926",( Nat. Hist. Publ. Co., 1989), which shows the following Coker men who served in the Indian Wars and who applied for pensions between 1892 and 1926, which includes their widows who applied for pensions:

Abram Coker SC-8161 applied in Texas on May 14, 1917; served 1867-70

Allen Coker SC-2494 applied in Florida Dec 22, 1892

Benjamin Y. Coker WC-3939 widow Armon applied in Alabama on June 13, 1894, soldier served in Georgia Militia

Bryant Coker SC-4043 applied in Florida Aug 4, 1902, served in Seminole War, died Jan 4, 1927

Calvin Coker WA-5488 widow Rachel applied in Missouri on April 27, 1894, soldier served on the northern Missouri frontier

Jim Coker ( Koker) WA-1581506 widow Anna Price or NA LES KA YA, applied in Arizona on May 18, 1927, soldier served 1872-1875 and died in 1889 at Ash Flat, Arizona

John H. Coker SC-2733 applied in Illinois on Apr 8, 1893, widow Mary C. WC-5019 applied in Illinois on Sept 26, 1896, soldier served in Cherokee War in the Tennessee Volunteers

Leonard Coker WA-13044 widow Mary A. applied in Texas on Jun 16, 1917; soldier enlisted in 1859, died Jan 1880 at Comanche, Texas

Newton Coker SA-2098 applied in Georgia on Sept 5, 1892, soldier served with Alabama Volunteers

S.J. Coker SA-15602 applied in Texas on Jan 29, 1918, soldier served 1866-1867 in Kit Carsons Texas Volunteers

Silas S. Coker SA-5035, applied on April 19, 1895 in Florida

W. Lawson Coker WA-1700598 widow S.A. applied in Texas on Aug 24, 1921 (31?), soldier served in 1874

Wesley A. Coker WC-6637 widow Nancy applied in Florida on Oct 14, 1902, soldier served in Seminole War1

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