Related Names

    The first Sharpton's that show up in the United States are as follows:

    - Edward Sharpton recieveds 250 acres in Craven County, SC (extinct county) on 14 Jan 1747

    - Edward Sharpton applies for more land in Craven County, via Public Notice 13 March 1762. (SC Gazette- Land Grants, Applications & Penalties). He is indexed again in 1764 on the John Pickens, Jr. Plat in Craven County near Thompsons Creek.

    - John Sharpton & William Dooley vs. The King, accused of Assault. 19 October 1770.

    - George Sharpton shows up in the Criminal Courts & Indictments & Punishments- Orangeburgh District, SC. 20 December 1773

    - We then have two Revolutionary War Claims: John Sharpton & Joseph Sharpton. I believe Joseph faught for both sides for a term of 61 days each.

    - The Will of Edward McGraw of Craven County, SC 3 Feb 1784 lists an Enoch Sharpton and a Sarah Sharpton (she shows up in the 1790 Census)

    - A Plat of Francis Bremar in 1786, Cheraws District, SC indexes Edward Sharpton

    - A Plat for Nichols Griffis in 1786, Ninety Six District, SC indexes John Sharpton. He is also indexed in a plat for John Carne in 1789, same location. Ninety Six District, Gunnells Creek, Stevens Creek, Savannah River are all mentioned.

    - David Sharpton is listed 3 times in The Augusta Chronicle newspaper in Augusta, GA. 1787, 1791 & 1792. He is listed in 1792 as a "Defaulter" in Greene County. You can view these at the newpapers archives on the web.

    - By the time of the first US Census in 1790, the only Sharptons are Charity Sharpton in Orangeburg, SC and Sarah Sharpton in Edgefield, SC

    How all these individuals relate to each other or even to the current Sharptons is a mystery.