Place:Camden (district), South Carolina, United States

NameCamden (district)
TypeCircuit Court District
Located inSouth Carolina, United States     (1769 - )
See alsoCraven, South Carolina, United States
Contained Places
Inhabited place
Broad River

Camden Circuit Court District was one of seven circuit court districts created. Camden Circuit Court District was created in 1769. Camden Circuit Court District was based in Camden, South Carolina.
Source:Schweitzer, George K. South Carolina Genealogical Research

Camden District
In 1768, South Carolina eliminated all of the original counties and established seven new "Districts," including Camden. From 1768 to 1785, these districts remained intact. In 1785 South Carolina re-established the concept of counties, with the"new" counties as "subsets" of, and subordinate to, the "overarching Districts" that had been in existence since 1768. For Camden District these included Chester, Claremont, Clarendon, Fairfield, Lancaster, Richland, and York counties.

In 1800, South Carolina abolished all "overarching Districts" and essentially went with the county concept from that year forward. However, in 1800, all counties were now called "districts" and would continue being called districts until after the US Civil War. In 1868, South Carolina reverted back to the term "county" and this term has been used continuously since then.
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