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Information on William McGill Family [26 October 2015]

I am an Eakin researcher. I have been tied to Mary Eakin through DNA. My Eakin clan most likely originated in Sanquhar, Dumbfries, Scotland. In the Dumfries parish records there is a James McGill that maps to a possible father of William McGill. Though there is now a William McGill listed, a "James" was most probably his father's name, not Robert, since William's first born son was James. Most Scottish families used the Scottish Naming Convention when naming their children. Mary's father's name was most likely William, again following the Scottish Naming convention for the second son. Though Mary is not listed in the birth records, there is a William Aiken in Dumfries that would fit the time frame of her birth as being her father. You can find this information on Family Search.

The Eakin families from this area settled in and around the following towns in County Down: Domare, Domara, Ballynahinch, Drumbo, Hillsborogh, and a couple of other towns in central county down south east of Belfast.

Have you checked to see if the McGill family were Covenanters? Sanquhar and Dumfries area was ground zero of the Covenanter movement and rebellion in the 1680s.

I believe that these two families were closely related in Dumfries area.

Of note, this Eakin/Aiken clan is part of a distinct genetic signature called the "Little Scottish Cluster". Information is available online on this cluster.--EakinKin 22:38, 26 October 2015 (UTC)