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On the Samuel Black/Jane Porter page you have a 1754 marriage date for them. They were married in 1749 according to Samuel's will. See below.

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project; [Untitled]; Entries: 25 1; Updated: 9 Feb 2001; Contact: David J. Damico <> "***SAMUEL BLACK, b 1727 in County Down, Ireland[2 1], d 28 Dec 1782 in Augusta Co, VA[ 3 1], s/o John Black (b 1698); m 1749 in Augusta Co, VA[4 1] to Jane Porter, b 1731, d 15 Au g 1814, Augusta Co, VA. Child: John Black, b 21 Dec 1755 in Augusta Co, VA MILITARY: Samuel son of John was a 2'd Lt. , in the Revolution.

s/o John & f/o John & William; Catherine's grandfather; Came to Va with his father at age 10 in 1737; Had 9 children; purchased 600 acres in the Draper area of Montgomery Co in 1772, but probably never lived there; Left the land equally to his sons, John & William-William was already living there.Of the sons of JOHN BLACK, Samuel the third son was but ten years of age when he came with his father to Virginia in 1737, and he also certified as to the correctness of this just prior to his decease in 1782, when he was a resident of Augusta county, and began his will with the statement that he was then 55 years of age, was born in 1727 and married in Augusta County, Va. in 1749 to Jane Porter who was born in 1731. They had nine children, (Bible Reference) and Samuel [is] outlived [by] his wife.
In the records of Augusta County his will is placed in book 6 - Page 230 and is dated September 2, 1782. As stated he began his will with the statement of his age
then named his legatees as
his son John to whom he left 300 acres of land located on New River where he lived , and
to son Wiliam 300 acres
rest of the tract as given to his son John,
then to sons Samue l and William, infants (that is under the age of eighteen) the home place known as "Pine Knot "
and to his several daughters, Mary, Martha Anne, Margaret, Nancy, and Jean
then to wife also.
He named as Executors his wife with his brother William Black and William Porter his wife' s brother, and the witnesses were Walter S. Davis, Thomas Stuart, and Matthew Alexander.
The date of will as probated was April 19, 1783 and all Executors qualified. May 6, 1783
the estate of Samuel Black was appraised by three men of Augusta County and the Continental Loan Office issued a certificate dated June 1784 for six thousand dollars. At the time James Best was the accountant.
Will Book 2 Page 206 of Augusta County, Virginia, date November 15, 1801 , WILLIAM BLACK having been appointed one of the Executors of Samuel Black was given a receipt by the legatees for their interest in the estate of Samuel Black viz; John Black, Matthew A lexander, and wife Jane, Samuel Price and wife Margaret, William Black and wife Jane, William Black Jr. ,Martha, Samuel, Nancy and James Black.
That may be true, but what you are citing is someone's interpretation of the will, not the will itself. The person whose quote is given above, may have this exactly right, but they may also have inserted the information based what he already believed to be true (yes, people do that.), or on a misinterpretation of the will (they also do that). WIthout a transcript of the will itself (not an abstract) the point can't be evaluated. I should also add that it is highly unusual form someone to include something like their DOM in their will. Occasionally you'll see them including more biographical information, (like "I was born in …..") but including a DOM would be definitely unusual. Hence there/s a need to see the actual will.===or at a minimum, a direct extract that includes this information, rather than a statement that's not obscured by the transcriber's description, as is the case here. Q 13:12, 15 April 2014 (UTC)