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John Sevier Birthplace [12 June 2010]

Delijim, I’ve reverted the edit you made to John Sevier relating to his birth place. The change you made this morning seems to have come from a World Family Tree source without any other substantiating sources, which, in my view, makes it highly unreliable. According to the History of the Town of New Market the town was not established until 1796, fifty years after the birth of Gov. Sevier. In addition to the references included in the article, the reference above actually states, "New Market, Virginia - Established 1796. Settlers first discovered the New Market area's fertile lands, wild game, and minerals in 1727, nearly 300 years ago, with many of the first settlers being Germans of the Mennonite and Lutheran faiths, later joined by many Scots and Irish. The Town was founded by General John Sevier, a noted Indian fighter and revolutionary patriot, but the Town's effective history began in 1796 when it was established by a charter of the Virginia General Assembly." Furthermore, in the General John Sevier biography (from the Biographical Directory of the American Congress), it states, "JOHN SEVIER, a Representative from North Carolina and from Tennessee; born near Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Virginia, September 23, 1745." Hope you agree with the reverted change and my justification for it.--BobC 17:48, 11 June 2010 (EDT)

Hi Bob, I've seen the reference to Rockingham as his birthplace before; however, there was no Rockingham County until 1778, when it was formed from Augusta. Harrisonburg was clearly (during that time frame) in Augusta County until 33 years after John was born. I'll just change it to Harrisonburg, Augusta (later Rockingham) County, Virginia, which is about as correct as we can get, OK? Best regards, Jim:) --Delijim

Good call. Thanks for doing the further research. --BobC