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Who is Abigail Sparrow? [24 February 2009]

According to The Doane Family Association "John's wife in 1648 was Ann, who signed a deed with him in that year; She died before 1659 when he and his wife Lydia signed another deed. Ann was probably the mother of his children and came with him from England."

My Google search for a marriage of John Doane and Abigail Sparrow found no Internet website that listed this marriage! Of course, FamilySearch did not let me down, having 3 Pedigree Resource Files that listed this pairing. But of those three, only one had any dates or supplemental information to use in identifying which John Doane and Abigail Sparrow they referred to. The dates given showed them getting married in 1630, but it also indicated Abigail Sparrow's father was the Jonathan Sparrow who married Rebecca Merrick and was born in 1674, 44 years after his daughter got married. In other words, it was self-inconsistent and made no sense at all.

This marriage is not listed in Descendants of John Doane or any other serious source I can find. Since no source is given justifying this pairing, I can only assume this is somebody trying to deal with a statement in Early Settlers of Eastham (p. 498 in Source:Library of Cape Cod history genealogy). That article wrongly says John Doane's will mentions his wife Abigail. Source:Mayflower Descendant, p. 3:177, explicitly notes that the wife's name is not given in the will, and gives fairly extensive excerpts. One can only guess that Josiah Paine, the author of the Early Settlers, assumed his wife was Abigail because John's inventory was sworn to by an unidentified Abigail Doane on 29 May 1686, without realizing this was his daughter.

Where the surname of Sparrow comes from is beyond my powers of divination.

--Jrich 13:52, 17 October 2008 (EDT)

I finally did merge this Abigail Sparrow into Ann Perkins, not having any comments on my objections. A wife named Abigail is a common disputed lineage rejected by most genealogists as explained above. The surname Sparrow appears to be a total assumption by some "researcher" that has absolutely no basis in fact. Ann is thought to be the mother of all of John's children and since this page had children, it was merged into Ann. Merging avoids leaving a dangling page for a fictitious Abigail Sparrow. --Jrich 09:26, 24 February 2009 (EST)

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The last 4-5 children could have been his second wifes?

CS 74357,2137:

Spouse's name [possibly] Abigail
His spouse is not Abigail. An Abigail Doane signed his inventory. This was almost suredly his daughter, as he executed a deed giving property to his daughter Abigail despite the fact that his will bequeathed this property to his wife. This indicates his wife died after he wrote his will, but before his own death, and that he never updated his will. --Jrich 09:35, 24 February 2009 (EST)--Amelia 00:06, 20 March 2011 (EDT)