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Who were her parents? [27 January 2010]

Jrich, I see you've been merging, adding sources, and generally cleaning up. (Thanks for that, btw; you're doing a nice job)

Curious as to where the theory that she was dau of Richard Hall came from? I see you've chosen to name her Unknown, but she's still showing up as dau of Richard Hall.

I never had this in my own work, but am curious about it.

-- Jillaine 10:15, 27 January 2010 (EST)

I am only poking around easily available sources, so all I know is that William Ward came to New England with his second wife Elizabeth and five children. Some of the pages from this family were, to be frank, of poor quality and ignorant even of sources that are readily available. However, there are things about William Ward that aren't easily known, and since I am just trying to make these pages look respectable, as opposed to a deeply vested interest in this family, I am leaving the "exhaustive research" of the GPS to others to fill in. I have no idea who Elizabeth's parents were, and if any of those five kids were hers, or if they were all from his first wife, or who his first wife was, or even how we know he had a first wife except that all the sources seem to say so (I'm sure his will would be enlightening). Since no sources were presented on the existing pages, and the sources that I had all showed no information about her beyond her given name, when I found a duplicate page for "Elizabeth Story Hall" and Elizabeth Unknown, I picked Elizabeth Unknown to be the merge result. Use of middle names in this time frame almost always suggests to me that somebody is trying to reconcile conflicting information by combining everything into one conglomerate person. I suspect the other wife shown here needing cleaning up too. --Jrich 10:58, 27 January 2010 (EST)
Got it... (Are you on the Transitional Genealogist Forum listserv?) I need another distraction from all the data related to my project, Our Schwenningen Ancestors, so I'll poke around to see what's available for William Ward. And would you be willing to share your first name, so I can stop calling you jrich? It's really difficult to pronounce. ;-) Jillaine 11:57, 27 January 2010 (EST)