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Catharine Walker Bell

One source claims that Catherine Walker is a daughter of John Walker and Katherine Rutherford, but this Catherine Walker appears to be too young to be their daughter, plus, this researcher has no record of John Walker and Katherine Rutherford having a daughter named Catherine. user:Delijim.

A good basis for identifying Catherine Walker as White's "Hetty" was developed by User:Dan Welch. Dan noted that John III's will included a bequest to a single granddaughter, Ann Bell. At the time of his death John had a number of grandchildren, and this bequest to a single grandchild seemed unusual. He believed that Hetty Walker was in realisty Catharine Walker Bell, wife of Robert Bell of Northwestern NC, not far from where John Walker III and his family were living until 1770 or so. I'll have to look around for the detailed documentation on this, but in general, we know that Catherine died sometime before 1770, leaving an infant daughter "Ann". This would be the "Ann Bell" to whom John III left a bequest in his will probated 1778. Basically, he was leaving a bequest to his granddaughter in memory of his daughter. Well work on getting this information into the right place, as time permits. Q 18:29, 18 February 2010 (EST)