Person:William Rumgay (1)

William Rumgay
d.26 Dec 1861 Abdie, Fife, Scotland
m. 27 Jun 1789
  1. Anna Rumgay1790 - 1851
  2. Andrew Rumgay1791 - 1796
  3. John Rumgay1792 - bef 1875
  4. Mary Rumgay1794 - 1862
  5. Robert Rumgay1796 - 1878
  6. Andrew Rumgayabt 1797 - 1873
  7. Jean Rumgay1799 - 1885
  8. Janet Rumgay1801 - 1860
  9. William Brodie Rumgay1803 - bet 1803 and 1805
  10. William Rumgay1805 - 1861
  11. Helen Thomson Rumgay1807 - 1853
m. 25 Sep 1828
  1. Euphemia Rumgay1828 - 1900
  2. Mary Rumgay1830 - bef 1873
  3. William Rumgay1832 - 1903
  4. Andrew Rumgay1833 - 1900
  5. Fanny Cathcart Rumgay1835 -
  6. John Rumgay1837 -
  7. Robert Rumgay1838 -
  8. James Rumgay1841 -
  9. George Rumgayabt 1844 -
  10. Margaret Rumgay1846 -
  11. Ann Rumgay1847 - 1915
  • HWilliam Rumgay1805 - 1861
  • WMary Brown1822 -
m. 12 Jan 1859
  1. Elizabeth Rumgay1859 -
Facts and Events
Name William Rumgay
Gender Male
Birth[1] 10 Jan 1805 Kettle, Fife, Scotland
Christening[1] 1 Feb 1805 Kettle, Fife, Scotland
Marriage 25 Sep 1828 Auchtermuchty, Scotlandto Margaret Dickson
Occupation[3][4] 1841 joiner / wright
Census[3] 1841 Newburgh, Fife, ScotlandBighall
Census 1841 Newburgh, Fife, ScotlandBighall
with Margaret Dickson
Census[4] 1851 Abernethy, Fife, ScotlandEaster Colrie
Reference Number? 265497935
Marriage 12 Jan 1859 Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotlandto Mary Brown
Death[2] 26 Dec 1861 Abdie, Fife, ScotlandParkhill
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William Rumgay, son of Andrew Rumgay and Mary Black, was born on 10 January 1805 in Kettle, Fife, Scotland. William Rumgay was baptized in February 1805 in Kettle. William is a wright.

William married Margaret Dickson on 25 September 1828 in Auchtermuchty, Fife.

Daughter Mary was born in 1830 in Collessie parish, Fife. Son William was born on 1 February 1832 in Rossie Mill, Collessie parish. Son Andrew was born on 7 November 1833 in Easter Colzie, Abernethy parish, Fife. The family lived between 1835 and 1841 in Easter Lumbenny, Newburgh parish, Fife, where four more children were born: Fanny, on 19 September 1835; John, on 10 January 1837; Robert, on 28 August 1838; James, on 23 April 1841.

Margaret and William appeared on the census of 1841 in Bighall, Newburgh parish, with their children Euphemia, Mary, William, Andrew, Fanny, John, Robert and James. Three more children were born in Orwell parish, Kinross, Scotland: son George, born in 1844; daughter Margaret, born in 1846; daughter Ann, born on 11 October 1847.

William's wife, Margaret Dickson, died between 1847 and 1851.

William appeared on the census of 1851 in Easter Colzie with his children George, Margaret, Ann, Fanny, Robert, James and Mary and his granddaughter Mary Rumgay. In 1859, William lived in Lockmill, Fife. He married Mary Brown, daughter of John Brown and Elizabeth Darling, on 12 January 1859 in Auchtermuchty parish. Their daughter Elizabeth was born on 12 October 1859 in Wester Lumbenny, Abdie parish.

On the night of 7 April 1861, William and his daughter 16-year old daughter Margaret were recorded on the 1861 Scottish census in Lockmill, Abdie parish. His wife Mary and new daughter Elizabeth were not listed. Although the census index gives his name as William "Menegay" this is certainly the correct man, as the information on his age, birthplace, and occupation, as well as his daughter's name, age, and birthplace, all match established information.

William Rumgay died on 26 December 1861 at the home of his son-in-law, John Methven in Parkhill, Abdie parish, at age 56 of asthma and bronchitis.


1805 - birth, Kettle, Fife, Scotland

1828 - 1st marriage, Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotland

1830 - child born, Collessie, Fife, Scotland

1832 - child born, Collessie, Fife, Scotland

1833 - child born, Abernethy, Fife, Scotland

1835 - child born, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland

1837 - child born, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland

1838 - child born, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland

1841 - child born, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland 1841 - census, Newburgh, Fife, Scotland (1841 U.K. Census, Newburgh, Fife, ED7, pg. 16)

1844 - child born, Orwell, Kinross, Scotland

1846 - child born, Orwell Kinross, Scotland

1847 - child born, Orwell, Kinross, Scotland

1851 - census, Abernethy, Fife, Scotland, listed as widower (1851 U.K. Census, Abernethy, Fife, ED1, pg. 1, household 2)

1859 - 2nd marriage, Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotland

1859 - child born, Abdie, Fife, Scotland

1861 - census, Abdie, Fife, Scotland, wife Mary not listed (1861 Scotland Census, extraction on, as William Menegay)

1861 - death, Abdie, Fife, Scotland

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    Register of Deaths, District of Abdie, County of Fife, 1861, entry 20.

    Deceased: William Rumgay, joiner, (married), male, 56 years
    When & where: 1861 Dec 26th; 4h 20m P.M.; Parkhill
    Parents: Andrew Rumgay, joiner (decd); Mary Rumgay M.S. Black (decd)
    Cause of Death: Asthma, Bronchitis. a long period, as cert. by Robert Peter L.R.C.S.E.
    Informant: John Methven, son in law, (occupier); reg. 1861 Dec 28th at Abdie

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    Name, Age, Occupation, Born in Co.?
    Willm. Rumgay, 32, wright, Yes
    Margaret, 29, Yes
    Euphemia, 13, Yes
    Mary, 11, Yes
    William, 9, Yes
    Andrew, 7, Yes
    Francis (f), 5, Yes
    John, 4, Yes
    Robert, 2, Yes
    James, 1 mo, Yes

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    Name, Relationship, Marital Status, Age, Occupation, Birthplace
    household 1
    Thomas Landale, Head, U, 23, Farmer of 333 acres, employ 12 laborers
    household 2
    William Rumgay, Head, W, 46, Wright, Fife, Kettle
    Mary Rumgay, Daur, U, 20, Housekeeper, Fife, Collessie
    Fanny Rumgay, Daur, U, 15, Engaged at home, Fife, Newburgh
    Robert Rumgay, Son, U, 12, Scholar, Fife, Newburgh
    James Rumgay, Son, U, 9, Scholar, Fife, Newburgh
    Geo. Rumgay, Son, 7, Scholar, Kinross, Orwell
    Margaret Rumgay, Daur, 4, Kinross, Orwell
    Ann Rumgay, Daur, 3, Kinross, Orwell
    Mary Rumgay, Grand child, 2, Fife, Auchtermuchty

  5.   William Rumgay and Mary Brown, in Register of Marriages, District of Auchtermuchty, County of Fife, entry 1, 1859.

    Register of Marriages, District of Auchtermuchty, County of Fife, 1859, entry 1.

    When, where, & how: On the twelfth day of January 1859 at Auchtermuchty, Marriage (after banns) was solemnized between us according to the Presbyterian Church of Scotland
    Groom: William Rumgay, 55, wright, widower, no relationship, Lockmill
    Groom’s parents: Andrew Rumgay, Decd; Mary Black, Decd
    Bride: Mary Brown, 37, spinster (her mark - Alexander Colfey), Auchtermuchty
    Bride's parents: John Brown, weaver; Elizabeth Darling, decd
    Signatures: John Renton, minister of the Free Church of Scotland; Christian Marrhole, witness; Emma Blackhole, witness