Person:William Richardson (108)

William Richardson
m. 30 Aug 1670
  • HWilliam Richardson - Bef 1693
  • WAmie Borden1653 - 1683/84
m. 27 Mar 1678
  1. William Richardson1678/79 -
  2. Thomas Richardson1680 - 1761
  3. John Richardson1683 - 1706
Facts and Events
Name William Richardson
Gender Male
Marriage 30 Aug 1670 Newport, Rhode Island, United Statesto Deliverance Scott
Marriage 27 Mar 1678 Rhode Island, United Statesto Amie Borden
Death[1] Bef 20 Apr 1693 Westchester, Bronx, New York, United States
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  1. Collections of the New York Historical Society, Vol. 25 ("For the year 1892"), p. 215.

    Will of "Wm. Richardson, of Westchester", dated 20 Dec 1692, proved 20 Apr 1692 [sic, should be 1693, as witnesses took oath 22 Apr 1693]], mentions Mary Cock "her just due from me", Hannah anc Sarah Cock, "my three sons Wm, Thomas, and John ... when they are 20 eyars of age". Friends John Bowne, John Rodman and Samuel Hoit of Flushing, John Ferris and John Palmer of Westchester executors.