Person:William Dugger (68)

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William Dugger
m. Before 1770
  1. Mourning Dugger1755 -
  2. John Dugger1760 - 1836
  3. William Dugger1760 - 1840
  • HWilliam Dugger1760 - 1840
  • WMary Harvey1760 - 1830
m. before 1800
  1. Dorcas Tabitha Dugger1798 - 1881
  2. William Dugger1802 - 1850
  3. John Dugger1803 - After 1860
  4. Isaac Dugger1807 - After 1850
m. 23 Dec 1831
  1. Martha Dugger1832 - After 1850
  2. America Dugger1835 - After 1850
  3. Georgiana Dugger1837 - After 1850
Facts and Events
Name William Dugger
Gender Male
Birth? 1760/1770 North Carolina, United States
Alt Marriage c. 1780 Bulloch, Georgia, United Statesto Mary Harvey
Marriage before 1800 Brunswick, North Carolina, United Statesto Mary Harvey
Marriage 23 Dec 1831 Thomas, Georgia, United Statesto Margaret Sutton
Death? 1840/1850 Thomas, Georgia, United States

William Dugger was born ca 1760/1770 per his age (60-69) on the 1830 census and on the 1840 census (70-79). He was probably born in North Carolina, or perhaps in Virginia instead. If he is a son of John Dugger as believed, then he was probably born in Granville Co., NC.

He is probably a son of John Dugger, but no direct proof of that has been seen. They were associated and lived in the same place at the same time, so certainly closely related.

In Apr 1795 Brunswick Co., NC court, William Duggar and John Duggar were named as jurors for the next court.

In Jul 1795 Brunswick Co., NC court, William Duggar and John Duggar were listed as jurors.

On 11 Apr 1797 John Goodman made a land entry (# 803) for 100 acres on the north side of Gum Swamp in Brunswick Co., NC. The description of the land said it included William Dugger's improvements.

William Dugger seemed to have land in Brunswick Co., NC (later Columbus Co., NC) but I haven't yet found where he obtained it, nor how he disposed of it.

William was not listed on the 1800 census as far as could be found. His probable father John Dugger was listed in Brunswick Co., NC that year, but William didn't seem to be living with him. He may have already moved to Georgia by then, in fact that seems likely. The 1800 census is lost for Georgia.

Columbus County was formed in 1808 from part of Brunswick County. This included the section where the Duggers had lived.

On 16 Feb 1809 Joshua Stevens sold 400 acres to Bryant Rogers. The land was on Cypress Branch adjoining William Dugger and David Canada. (Columbus Co., NC Deed Book A page 448).

William Dugger wasn't found on the 1810 census. He was probably somewhere in Georgia then, and that census is lost.

On 1 Feb 1814 William Gore of Horry Dist., SC sold land to his son William Gore Jr of Columbus CO., NC. The land was on the north side of Seven Creeks adjoining William Dugger's land. (Columbus Co., NC Deed Book B page 99).

William Dugger is listed on the 1820 census in Bulloch Co., GA. Chesley Dugger, who might be his brother, was also listed there, but not nearby.

  • Bulloch Co., GA page 17 William Dugger 021001-00001
  • Analysis:
  • 1 male 45+ (bef 1775)=William Dugger (1760/1770)
  • 1 male 16-25 (1794/1804)=Unknown son
  • 2 males 10-15 (1804/1810)=1-Unknown son; 2-Isaac Dugger (c1808) son
  • 1 female 45+ (bef 1775)=Mrs. Dugger (1760/1770) wife

During the 1820's, William moved to Thomas Co., GA and was listed there on the 1830 census. His probable sons John Dugger and William Dugger (Jr) were also there for that census.

  • Thomas Co., GA page 26 William Duggar Sr 0000200010000-0000000010000
  • Analysis:
  • 1 male 60-69 (1760/1770)=William Dugger (1760/70)
  • 2 males 20-29 (1800/1810)=1-Unknown son; 2-Isaac Dugger (c1808) son
  • 1 female 60-69 (1760/1770)=Mrs. Dugger (1760/1770) wife

Mrs. Dugger died ca 1830/1831 in Thomas Co., GA.

On 23 Dec 1831 William Dugger married Margaret Sutton in Thomas Co., GA.

William was listed on the 1840 census in Thomas Co., GA:

  • Thomas Co., GA page 302 William Dugger 1000100001000-2100001000000
  • Analysis:
  • 1 male 70-79 (1760/1770)=William Dugger (1760/70)
  • 1 male 20-29 (1810/1820)=Isaac Dugger (c1808) son
  • 1 male 0-4 (1835/1840)=Unknown son
  • 1 female 40-49 (1790/1800)=Margaret Sutton Dugger (c1793) wife
  • 1 female 5-9 (1830/1835)=Martha Dugger (c1833) daughter
  • 2 females 0-4 (1835/1840)=1-America Dugger (c1836); 2-Georgiana Dugger (c1838) daughters

William Dugger died in the 1840's in Thomas Co., GA.