Person:William Damon (9)

  • F.  John Damon (add)
  • M.  Lucy Sawin (add)
m. 19 Apr 1792
  1. Irene Damon1797 - 1800
  2. William Damon1800 - 1880
  3. Irene Damon1812 - 1871
m. 2 Feb 1826
  • HWilliam Damon1800 - 1880
  • W.  Adelaine Caulkins (add)
m. 11 Aug 1830
  1. Sarah A. Damon1831 -
  2. Adeline K. Damon1833 -
  3. Jennie M. Damon1835 -
  4. Ella M. Damon1837 -
  5. Lucy W. Damon1839 -
  6. Louise B. Damon1841 -
  7. Catherine E. Damon1843 -
  8. Abigail F. Damon1845 -
Facts and Events
Name William Damon
Gender Male
Birth[1] 15 Oct 1800 Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Marriage 2 Feb 1826 Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, United Statesto Lucy Wetherbee
Marriage 11 Aug 1830 Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, United Statesto Adelaine Caulkins (add)
Death[2] 6 Nov 1880 Fitchburg, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Vital Records

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  1. Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. Vital records of Westminster, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849. (Worcester, Massachusetts: Franklin P. Rice, 1908), p. 25.

    DAMON, William, s. John and Lucy, [born] Oct. 15, 1800.

  2. Massachusetts, United States. Massachusetts Vital Records, 1841–1910. (New England Historic and Genealogical Society), Vol. 321, p. 374.

    No.: 207
    Date of Death: November 6 [1880]
    Name: William Damon
    Sex: M
    Condition: M
    Age: 80 y. 0 m. 22 d. [birth calculates to 15 Oct 1800]
    Cause: Acute Bronchitis
    Residence and Place of Death: Fitchburg Mt Elam Rd.
    Occupation: Farmer
    Place of Birth: Westminster
    Father: John of Woburn
    Mother: Lucy of unknown

  3.   Damon, Richard Alan, and Warren Louis Forsythe. Genealogy of John Damon of Reading, Mass. (Ellensburg, Washington: W.L. Forsythe, 1991 (Yakima, Wash. : Rainier Micrographics Systems)), p. 35.

    William Damon [#470], s/o John Damon [#239, p. 21] and Lucy Swain, b. 15 Oct 1800, d. 6 Nov 1880 [citing probate], m. (1) 2 Feb 1826 Lucy Wetherbe, m. (2) [first wife d. 7 Mar 1828, first child listed is b. 1831] Fitchburg Adeline Caulkine [Caulkins on p. 21].