Person:William Covington (12)

William Covington
b.1753 Maryland
d.Btw 6 Feb and 1 Jul 1816 Georgia, United States
m. 1742
  1. Nathaniel Covington1743 -
  2. William Covington1753 - Btw 1816
  3. Sarah Covington
  4. John Covington1757 - 1797
  • HWilliam Covington1753 - Btw 1816
  • WMaryAbt 1755 - aft 1820
  1. Elizabeth Covington1777 - 1861
  2. William Covingtonaft 1777 - 1850
  3. Edward CovingtonAbt 1788 -
  4. Thomas Covingtonabt 1789 - bef 1815
  5. Alley Covingtonabt 1790/1 - abt 1871
  6. Milly Covington - aft 1816
  7. David Covingtonabt 1796 - aft 1850
  8. Newball Covingtonest 1798 -
  9. Marshall Covington1800 - 1879
  10. Fanny Covingtonest 1802 -
Facts and Events
Name William Covington
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] 1753 Maryland
Marriage to Mary
Military[1][2][3][9] From Jul 1775 to Jun 1778 South Carolina, United Statesserved in Revolutionary War
Property[8] 3 Oct 1806 Lincoln, Georgia, United Stateswith wife Mary, sold 300 acres on Little River
Property[7][10] 1815 Lincoln, Georgia, United Statesgranted 300 acres by Lincoln County Land Court by Head-Right Warrant
Death[1][2][5] Btw 6 Feb and 1 Jul 1816 Georgia, United States
Will[1][5] 6 Feb 1816 Will written
Probate[1][4][5] 1 Jul 1816 Lincoln, Georgia, United Stateswill entered into probate
Other[6] 1818 Lincoln, Georgia, United Statesson paid taxes on property that was part of his estate
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    Served as a private and as a Lieut. in the Revolution, under Capt. Samuel Wise

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    Birth: (CIRCA) 1753 MARYLAND
    Death: (ANTE) 7-1-1816 LINCOLN CO GEORGIA
    Service Source: SC HIST & GEN MAG VOL 2 JULY 1901 #3 P 168
    Service Description:
    Spouse: 1) MARY MOLLY X

  3. South Carolina, Third Regiment, C, Covington, in United States. Revolutionary War Service Records Fold3, Primary quality.

    No. 37194935
    William Covington, Sgt, 3rd South Carolina Regiment, commanded by Col. William Thompson
    enlisted 24 July 1776, discharged 1 June 1778

  4. Lincoln County, Minutes, 1799-1852, in Georgia, United States. Georgia, Probate Records, 1742-1975, Vol. N, p. 56, Primary quality.

    Monday 1 July 1816
    Ordered that the last will and testament of William Covington sen decd be proven and recorded and letters testamentary be granted to the Executor William Covington Executor in and by said will named and appointed.

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    William Covington, of Lincoln County, Georgia
    To my beloved wife Molly Covington, two negro women Hannah and Dorcas during her life time, then Dorcas to my son Newbell Covington and Hannah to my son Marshall Covington
    To my son David Covington, 2 negro children named Betty and Jack
    To Milly Walton one negro girl named Peg
    to Alley Miles my daughter one negro girl named Mary her life time and then to Polly Miles Alley Miles daughter
    To my daughter Fanny Miles one negro girl named Chaney
    To my grandson Thomas Covington one negro boy named Isaac, that is if he is not sold to pay my son Thomas Covingtons debts
    To my two grandchildren Tild Covington and Selwin one negro girl named Jinny to be divided between them equally
    To Fanny Dennis one sixty Dollar Horse
    My Stock of all kinds to be sold to pay my debts or if not sold to be divided among my children equally
    Signed 6 February 1816, William x his mark Covington
    Witnesses Wm Covington Jr. Executor
    William P. Selman [Solomon?] Executor
    Newbell Covington
    To my daughter Betsey Selman [Solomon] one negro girl named Sal
    To my son John Covinton one negro boy named Joe
    To my son William Covington Jr one negro boy named Jacob
    To my son Edward Covington one negro boy named Isom
    Witness Wm B[uder], Edward Covington
    My land to my two youngest sons Newball Covington and Marshall Covington to be equally divided between them after the death of my wife Molly Covington
    Witnesses Pleasant Walton, Thos B[eeder], Abram Ayres
    1 July 1816 - Pleasant Walters, William Reeder and Abram Ayres proved will in court

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    Captain Graves District
    Covington, William, 3 slaves, no land
    ditto Ex for Covinton, William, 4 slaves, 223 acres of 2nd quality land, adjacent to Eubanks [neighbor], Little River water course
    ditto Admin for Covington, Thomas, 4 slaves, no land
    Covington, David, 2 slaves, no land

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    Indenture 3 October 1806
    Between William Covington and Mary his wife of Lincoln County, Georgia
    and James McCord of same place
    who paid $700
    for land by the Waters of Little River
    containing by estimation 300 acres
    Bounded as follows:
    at a new corner that was made by William covington and Zeanow Parker, then on Parkers line to his corner pine then along Parkers line again to his corner Water Oak then on Benjamin Bussey line to his corner Post Oak then on Robert Jackson line to his corner Post Oak then along Jackson line again to Samuel Averys line then along Avereas line to his corner Hickory by the beg branch then down the sd Branch to where Bolers line comes on the sd Branch then along Bolers line to his corner post oak then along the sd Bolers line again to Marshalls Corner Post Oak thence along Marshalls line to a new corner Red Oak then along that new line to the Beginning Corner
    Being part of a tract of land granted to Daniel Longstrut on 21 March 1787 Secretaries Office Book N.N.N., folio 206, 9 April 1787
    Signed William x [his mark] Covington, Mary Covington
    Witnessed: Robert Walton JJC, Robert Walton Jr.

  9. Moss, Bobby Gilmer. Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution. (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1983), Secondary quality.

    p. 206
    Covington, William
    Served as a Pvt and Lt in Picken's brigade. By direction of Gen. Pickens, nursed following men with smallpox in camp before Augusta: Cats. Wm Freeman and Barclay Martin and Pvts Thomas Jones, Jacob Grier, Joel Perdue and Jeremiah Wells

    Covington, William
    b. 1753 MD, m. Molly
    Enlisted in Third Reg 18 July 1775 as Sgt user Capt. Samel Wise. Discharged 1 June 1778
    Sources: DAR Patriot Index, South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, National Archives M853 Roll 16 (Lists of North Carolina and South Carolina Troops . . . .)

    p. 926
    Thomas, Tristram
    b. c. 1752 MD, d. 1817
    m1. Ann ____; m2. Mary Hollingsworth
    Appointed 1st Sgt in Rangers under Capt. Samuel Wise and Col. Thomson 1 July 1775. At fall of Charleston. During 1780-81 served as Captain under Col. Hicks & Col. Hobbs. Also served as a major in militia in 1781 under Col. Benton and Gen. Marion.

    p. 443
    Hicks, Benjamin
    b. c. 1757 SC
    Appoint Sgt 1 July 1775 in Rangers under Capt. Samuel Wise and Col. Thomson

  10. National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970, Member #43042.

    William Arthur Selmon, gg-grandson of William Covington (1753-1816) of South Carolina
    South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, July 1901
    p. 168
    Pay Bill of Captain Samuel Wise's Co. 1 Sep -1 Oc 1775, Regiment of Rangers: William Covington
    p. 174
    Non-Commisioned Officers and Privates: William Covington - Dates of Commissions and Attestations, 10 July 1775; age 22; size 6x1 [6 ft 1 in]
    Lincoln County [Georgia] Counrt House: William Covinton, appling 1815 for Land Warrant containing 300 acres on Head Rights. Issued
    Will of William Covington: names "my daughter Betsy Silman"
    No. 0699 Book of Claims against the State of SC growing out of the War of the Revolution
    DAR [Member] #97237, #39400