Person:William Clark (215)

William Clark
  • F.  Edward Clark (add)
  • M.  Ann Christopher (add)
m. 1706
  1. William ClarkAbt 1705 - Bef 1787
m. 1736
  1. James Clark1737 - 1789
  2. William Clark1739 - 1815
  3. John Clark1739/40 - 1831
  4. Nancy Anne Clark1740 - 1792
  5. John Clark1741 - 1831
  6. Reuben Clark1743 - 1814
  7. Ann Clark1745 -
  8. Lucy Clark1747 - 1787
  • HWilliam ClarkAbt 1705 - Bef 1787
  • W.  Martha Foster (add)
m. Abt 1751
  1. Joseph Clark1752 - 1839
  2. Robert ClarkAbt 1754 - 1855
  3. Larkin Clark1760 - Bef 1843
  4. Ambrose ClarkAbt 1761 -
  5. George ClarkAbt 1762 - Aft 1820
  6. Sarah ClarkAbt 1763 -
Facts and Events
Name William Clark
Gender Male
Birth[2] Abt 1705 Virginia, United States
Marriage 1736 Orange County, Virginiato Anne 'Alice' James
Marriage Abt 1751 to Martha Foster (add)
Death[1] Bef 17 Dec 1787 Culpeper, Virginia, United States
Vital Records

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Will of William Clark [Culpeper Will Book C, p. 275-6[1]], dated 20 Oct 1787, proved 17 Dec 1787, mentions sons Joseph, George, Reuben, Robert, Ambrose, Larkin; daughters Sarah, Lucy Beck, Ann Griffin; wife [unnamed]. Reuben and Joseph executors. Some children not mentioned[1].

[From Orange County Deed Book 2, p. 396-8[1]] Deed dated 28 Feb 1739 "Col. John Taliaferro of Spotsylvania County to Wiliam Clark of Orange County, planter. Lease for three lives of William Clark, Ann his wife, and James his son, 100 A ... Rent 500 lbs. of tobacco."

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    William Clark, "we think" s/o Edward Clark and Ann Christopher, b. abt. 1695, m. (1) 1736 Ann James, m. (2) abt 1751 Martha Foster.

  2. There is great uncertainty over the origins of William Clark. The estimated birth date is a guess in the midpoint of various estimates that may be found on the Internet, and which all seem flawed. Some researchers suggest he was born about 1693 (the basis for this appears to be a William Clark who served in the militia in 1742 [citing VA Mag. of History, Vol. VIII, p. 33] and had a birth date of 1693, but this seems like a stretch, given that William didn't marry until 1736 and had children born into the 1760's). Others give the birth date 26 Apr 1716, but this is probably also a different William Clark (said to be the son of Edward Clark and Ann Fearns [not Ann Christopher] of Middlesex County, this William dying 1746 [citing Tyler, Vol. 23, p. 62]). It is believed Edward Clark, William's father, was of Middlesex County, but some say the father Edward was himself the s/o of another Edward, others suggest he was s/o Benjamin. Also, some parties believe William was related to Christopher Clark of Louisa County.