Person:William Borrill (38)

William Sherwood Borrill
m. 21 SEP 1879
  1. William Sherwood Borrill1881 - 1917
  2. Alfred Charles Borrill1883 - 1973
  3. Henry James Borrill1885 -
  4. Florence Elizabeth (Flori) Borrill1887 -
  5. Alice Borrill1893 - 1912
  6. Jessica (Jessie) Borrill1895 -
  7. Albert Borrill1898 - 1979
  8. John Harold (Jack) Borrill1900 - 1961
m. 25 DEC 1901
  1. William George Borrill1902 - 1964
  2. Maud Ethel Borrill1904 - 1939
  3. Nelly Florence Maud Borrill1908 - 1993
Facts and Events
Name William Sherwood Borrill
Gender Male
Birth[1] SEP 1881 Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England_UID: CC7AD4A8-CF2D-4432-8B1E-86178AF7D258 RIN: MH:IF12706
Occupation? 1901 Plasterer _UID: 26B0E3B3-4C5B-439B-B4DA-01AD74C69692 RIN: MH:IF12708
Residence? 1901 55 Harriet Street, Paddington, London; with parents_UID: 7684B6F9-9536-44EB-857E-FAF97C800B73 RIN: MH:IF12711
Census? 25 DEC 1901 79 Ashmore Road, Kilburn, Middlesex_UID: 187EEBF8-1706-45CE-B181-3F96BD5D4EEA RIN: MH:IF39561
Residence? 25 DEC 1901 79 Ashmore Road, Kilburn, Middlesex_UID: 050BE6DE-BEFA-4EAD-8A6C-5896674E3E0E RIN: MH:IF12710 E-Mail:
Marriage 25 DEC 1901 Holy Trinity Church, Kilburn, Middlesexto Maud Ethel Moody
Occupation? 1911 Plasterer _UID: 8D9A616C-6515-485F-BD5A-6F553BF8DF09 RIN: MH:IF12709
Residence? 1911 14 Eresby Road, Kilburn NW, London_UID: 2770624A-FDEB-4A36-BC47-C2D9E3AF9763 RIN: MH:IF12712
Death[2] 10 JAN 1917 Willesden Infirmary, Acton LaneCause: 1. Asthma; 2. Bronchitis, Cardiac dilatation _UID: FBF3DDC3-BA7E-4C66-9E4B-864DCF8E826F RIN: MH:IF12707
Burial? 20 JAN 1917 Willesden Cemetery_UID: FA3EF35B-8A8A-4077-BCD8-C3F8A6D2FD7C RIN: MH:IF12713
Medical? Death reported by Agnes Borrill, mother, 28 Elm Grove, Cricklewood
Vital Records

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  3.   Michael Franklin. The Franklin Tree, William Sherwood Borrill, 31 AUG 2009, Primary quality.

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