Person:Thomas Woodell (3)

Thomas Woodell, Jr.
m. 1745
  1. Jane Waddell1746 - 1814
  2. James Woodellabt 1751 - 1833
  3. Lt. Joseph Waddell1752 - 1834
  4. Sarah Woodellabt 1754 -
  5. Thomas Woodell, Jr.1759 - 1839
  6. Elizabeth Woodellabt 1761 -
  7. Martha Woodell1763 - abt 1851
  8. John H. Woodell1764 - 1852
  9. Jane Woodellabt 1770 - 1864
  • HThomas Woodell, Jr.1759 - 1839
  • WMargaret Erwinest 1760-1775 -
m. 22 September 1800
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Woodell, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? 1759
Marriage 22 September 1800 Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Erwin
Death? 1839

Thomas Woodell, Jr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 189.--20th August, 1789. John McKemey's will (Sr.), farmer-- To wife. Agness; to son, James; to daughters, Jean, Agness, Margaret, Elizabeth; to children, viz: William, Jean, John, Agness, James, Margaret, Elizabeth; to son Robert's son; John; "Each grandson named after testator, viz: William McKemey's son, John; John McKemy's son, John; John James McKemy's son, John, and John Cooper, John Bradshaw, John Montgomery, John Woodle." If daughter Jean's part be not demanded before her death, then to her children. Executors, sons William and John McKemy. Teste: Thomas Waddell, John Cooper, Richard Roche, Chas. Hogshead. Proved, 15th December, 1789, by Roche and Hogshead. Executors qualify.
  • Page 410.--13th January, 1790. Teste: John Kisling ( ), Thomas Waddell, Fred. Trobuch.
  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1797 (A to K). - John Erwin vs. Samuel Erwin--Rockingham, Slander. John Erwin deposeth, 15th August, 1793: In year 1776 plaintiff (Samuel Erwin) came to defendant's father's house and told defendant that himself and his brothers, Benjamin, Andrew, John and William Erwin, had come to agreement to value the land their father formerly possessed at £300, and that Samuel Erwin and his brothers, Benjamin and Andrew, had purchased the shares belonging to John and William Erwin. Deposition of Thomas Woodall, 25th March, 1797: John Erwin was a man of good character, but some persons spoke badly of him. Thomas is about to remove to Kentucky.
  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1797 (A to K). - Edward Erwin vs. Alexander Curry--Mary Curry, a witness in Pendleton County, deposes that a number of years ago her father, the present defendant, called on her uncles, viz: Benjamin, Samuel and Andy, to give their bonds for her grandmother's maintenance. Thomas Woodell deposes, 24th March, 1797: In April, 1795, defendant told Edward Erwin, son of plaintiff, &c.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1800--September 22, Thomas Woodall (Woodell) and John Erwin, surety. Thomas Woodall and Margaret Erwin, daughter of Edward Erwin, deceased. (But Edward Erwin gives consent for his daughter Margaret to marry Thomas). Teste: John Ervine. James Ervine.