Person:Thomas Welles (8)

Assistant Governor Thomas Welles
m. aft 5 Jul 1615
  1. Mary Wellesest 1618 - 1647
  2. Ann Wellesest 1620 - bef 1680
  3. John Wellesest 1622 - bet 1659
  4. Robert Wellesest 1624 - bef 1635
  5. Assistant Governor Thomas Wellesest 1625 - bef 1668
  6. Captain Samuel Wellesest 1628 - bef 1675
  7. Sarah Welles1631 - 1698
  8. Joseph Wellesaft 1636 - bef 1648
  • HAssistant Governor Thomas Wellesest 1625 - bef 1668
  • WHannah Tuttle1623 - 1683
m. 23 Jun 1654
  1. Rebecca Welles1655 - 1717
  2. Thomas Welles1657 - 1694/95
  3. Sarah Welles1659 - bef 1708/09
  4. Ichabod Welles1660 - aft 1706
  5. Captain Samuel Welles1662 - 1733
  6. Jonathan Welles1664 - bef 1687
  7. Joseph Welles1667 - bef 1698
Facts and Events
Name[1][2][3] Assistant Governor Thomas Welles
Gender Male
Birth[1][2] est 1625 Burmington, Warwickshire, England (possibly)
Marriage 23 Jun 1654 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesto Hannah Tuttle
Death[2][4] bef 20 Aug 1668 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United StatesBefore date of inventory.
Died in a fall from a cherry tree.
Estate Inventory[4] 20 Aug 1668 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States£1297-11-00. Taken by Eleazer Holyoke, John Allyn, Thomas Bull, James Ensign.
Probate[4] 3 Sep 1668 Administration to the relict.
Estate Settlement[4] 4 Mar 1668/69
Probate[4] 10 Apr 1678 Administrators changed
Burial[5] Ancient Burying Ground, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, United States
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    "Thomas (Welles), b. [say 1625]; d, at Hartford, in 1668; … He was Quartermaster of the Colony Troop, Mar. 1658, and a Patentee of the Royal Charter, 1662; Deputy for Hartford, May 1662, and Assistant, 1668."

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    Welles, Thomas, The Worshipfull Mr., Hartford. Invt. £1297-11-00. Taken 20 August, 1668, by Eleazer Holyoke, John Allyn, Thomas Bull, James Ensign. The children and ages: Thomas, 11 in Oct., 1668; Ichabod, age 8 years next November; Samuel, age 6, Oct., 1668; Jonathan, 4, Sept., 1668; Joseph, born April, 1667; Rebeckah, 13, May, 1668; Sarah, age 9, April, 1668.

    Court Record, Page 79—3 September, 1668: Adms. to Mrs. Hannah Welles, the Relict. Mr. James Richards, James Ensign and Mr. John Allyn are desired, with Consent of Mrs. Welles, to be Overseers. They are desired to advise with Mr. Anthony Howkins and Mr. Samuel Welles in any difficulty that may fall out in the same.

    Dist. File: 4 March, 1668-9: Dist. of the Estate of the Worshipfull Thomas Welles of Hartford:

    On a Supposition of Estate of £1100-00-00 Net Subtracting Hanna & Mary Pantry's portions due to them, 240-00-00 And Debts due to persons in the Bay, 50-00-00 From a Total Inventory, 1297-11-00 There remains for Division, 1007-11-00

    To Mrs. Welles, her thirds of the Chattels, 151-00-00 Also a Note, 453-11-00 She to have 1-3 of the profits of Land during life, the remainder of Land & Chattels to the Children, Total: 856-11-00

    To Eldest son Thomas, 212-00-00
    To Samuel & Joseph to each, 120-00-00
    To Ichabod, 121-00-00
    To Jonathan, 120-00-00
    To Rebeckah, 83-11-00
    To Sarah, 80-00-00

    By John Allyn, James Richards, Thomas Bull and James Ensign. February, 1668.

    Page 4—(Vol IV)—10 April, 1678: Upon the Motion of Thomas Welles of Hartford, this Court nominate James Steele, Marshall (George) Grave and Stephen Hosmer, with advice of the Overseers, to assist the Widow in the management of the Estate, and dispose of the Children in the most Just and equal Way."

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