Person:Thomas Morrow (7)

Thomas Morrow, of Pendleton Co, SC
  • F.  John Morrow (add)
  • M.  Mary (add)
  • HThomas Morrow, of Pendleton Co, SCbef 1744 - bef 1810
  • WUnknown (884)
  1. Thomas Morrowabt 1770 - bef 1840
  2. William Morrowabt 1775 - 1815
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Morrow, of Pendleton Co, SC
Gender Male
Birth? bef 1744 Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States
Death? bef 1810 Pendleton, South Carolina, United States

Thomas’s brothers were William, Richard, Samuel and John, and they came with him to South Carolina in the late 1780s. One of them is probably the grandfather of Ephraim Morrow, b. 1822 Georgia - DNA from descendants of Ephraim and Thomas indicates a 94% chance of a common ancestor in the last 300 years. See Group 3 on this list of participants.