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Thomas Meadors
m. Bet 1729 and 1730
  1. Lewis MeadorsBet 1729 and 1730 - Bet 1803 and 1805
  2. Jason MeadorsAft 1729/30 - 1822
  3. Job MeadorsAbt 1736 - 1822
  4. Thomas Meadors1737 - Bef 1826
  5. Drucilla Meadors1738 - 1781
  6. Sara Mariah MeadorABT 1743 -
  7. Zilphia Sarah Meadors1745/46 - 1812
  • HThomas Meadors1737 - Bef 1826
  • WKeziah MoberlyAbt 1743 - Aft 1830
m. Bet 1757-1760
  1. Jason Meadors1764 - 1823
  2. William Meadors1767 - Bef 1819
  3. Thomas Meadows1771 - 1818
  4. Isham Meadowsabt 1775 - bef 1828
  5. Dorcas MeadorsAbt 1775 - 1858
  6. Pleasant Meadors1777 - 1843
  7. Isaiah MeadowsAbt 1779 - 1826
  8. Sarah MeadorsBet 1784 and 1786 -
  9. Edward Moberly MeadorsABT 1784 - Abt 1839
  10. Middleton Meadors1789 -
  11. Benjamin MeadowsAbt 1790 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Meadors
Alt Name Thomas Meadows
Gender Male
Birth? 1737 Essex, Virginia, United StatesRaleigh Parrish
Marriage Bet 1757-1760 Virginia or South Carolina
to Keziah Moberly
Alt Marriage 1760 South Carolina, United Statesto Keziah Moberly
Alt Marriage to Keziah Moberly
Property[7] 24 Jan 1770 Craven, South Carolina, United Statesreceived grant of 200 acres of land
Residence[7] 2 Nov 1772 Craven, South Carolina, United Stateslisted as a neighbor for land granted to sister-in-law Dorcus (Moberley) Hill
Property[7] 14 May 1781 Craven, South Carolina, United Statessold property to Samuel Mobley
Property[7] 1788 Fairfield (old county), South Carolina, United Statessold property to Micajah Moberley
Other? 1805 Knox, Kentucky, United Statestax list
Census[4] 1810 Knox, Kentucky, United States
Property[6] 12 Sep 1816 Knox, Kentucky, United Statesrec'd grant of 100 acres in Tellico Land Grant
Property[2] 2 Dec 1816 Knox, Kentucky, United Statessold property to son Pleasant
Alt Death[1][3] 1817, 1818 Whitley, Kentucky, United StatesNot credible, given other records
Other[5] Aug 1819 Whitley, Kentucky, United Statestoo old to pay taxes
Other[8] Apr 1820 Whitley, Kentucky, United Stateswith other family members, stood surety for son Isaiah in Court
Death[9] Bef 17 Sep 1826 Whitley, Kentucky, United States widow appeared in court to approve early sale of property


Many sources give a death date for Thomas of around 1818.[1][3] However, he continues to appear in county records following that date.[5][8] His most likely date of death is about 1826, when his widow appeared in court to renounce her dower rights to property that Thomas and she had conditionally sold to their son Pleasant in 1816.[9][2]

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    Thomas d. 28 Aug 1817, Whitley, Kentucky

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    Indenture 2 Dec 1816
    Between Thomas Meadows Sr. of Knox County, Kentucky
    And Pleasant Meadows of same place
    Thomas Meadows bargains and sells land [no $ mentioned] unto Pleasant Meadows
    Land on Cumberland River Beginning on John Pruitt’s corner a dogwood and sourwood
    Thence up the river with it’s meanders East 14 poles
    Thence South 55 East 26 poles
    Thence South 20 east 36 poles
    Thence S 8 East 22 poles
    Thence S 10 W 31 poles
    Thence S 16 W 18 poles
    Thence S 24 W 32 poles
    Thence South 22 W 60 poles
    Thence South 17 W 49 poles to a black oak and maple
    Thence South 49 E [] poles to a black oak and John Pruitts line
    Thence North 32 poles East 60 poles with said line to a black oak
    Thence North 48 E 30 poles to a pine
    Thence North 24 E 116 poles to the Beginning
    Containing 100 acres more or less
    “but it is to be understood that the said Thomas Meadows is to have possession during his and his wife’s natural life time.”
    Signed Thomas T his mark Meadows, Witness James F. Ballenger DC
    Recorded 28 Aug 1819

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    Thomas Meador d. 1818 Whitley Co, KY

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    1810 Census, Knox County, Kentucky
    Thomas Meadows - age 45 and+
    Thomas Meadows Jr - age 26-45
    Isiah Meadows - age 26-45
    Isom Meadows - age 26-45
    Edward Meadows - age 16-26

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    8/1819 Whitley Co. KY <Order Book 1>
    Ordered by Court that Thomas Meadows be exempt from paying County Tax in the future in this County -- too old.

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    Thomas Meadows, 100 acres, Knox County, 12 September 1816
    In consideration of Warrant No. 114 granted by the Circuit Court of Knox in Oct 1812 agreeably to the Several Acts of Assembly for settling and improving the Vacant lands acquired by the Treaty of Tellico, there is granted by the Commonwealth of Kentucky unto Thomas Meadows a certain tract of land containing one hundred acres by Survey bearing date the 10th day of November one thousand and eight hundred and thirteen in Knox county on Cumberland River, bounded as follows
    Beginning on John Pruitts corner a Dogwood & Sourwood thence up the River with its meanders East fourteen poles
    thence South fifty-five East twenty six poles
    thence South twenty East thirty six poles
    thence South eight East twenty two poles
    thence South ten West thirty one poles
    thence South Sixteen West eighteen poles
    thence South twenty four West thirty two poles
    thence South thirty two West sixty poles
    thence South seventeen West forty nine poles to a Black Oak and Maple
    thence South forty nine East eighty six poles to a Black Oak on John Pruitts line
    thence North thirty two East sixty poles with sd line to a Black Oak
    thence North forty eight East thirty poles to a pine
    thence North twenty five East one hundred sixteen poles to the Beginning
    with its appurtenances
    Signed 12 April 1816, Governor Isaac Shelby

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    p. 2
    On 2 Nov 1772, Dorcus Hill received a grant of 203 acres in Craven, Branches of Beaver Creek. (Source: Book 15, p. 441, Craven County, S.C.) Immediate neighbors were Thomas Meadows, Allen Beams, Richard Hill, Samuel Mobley. Dorcus would have had to be a widow to receive land, so the Richard Hill may be her deceased husband. Samuel Mobley is probably her brother, while Thomas Meadows is probably her brother-in-law.
    p. 222
    14 May, 1781 - Samuel Mobley, planter to Job Meador. Whereas a grant bearing date 24 Jan 1770 was made to Thomas Meador for a tract containing 200 acres in Fairfield Co. on a branch of Beaver Creek and whereas 160 acres of it was conveyed from said Thomas Meadors to s. Samuel Mobley 21 pounds being paid by said Job Meadors, therefore a deed is executed. Wit: Thomas Meador -- Jason Meador. Book I, p. 442 [Fairfax County, South Carolina]
    p. 227
    Book B, page 32, 1788 - "Thomas Meador and Hagah?, his wife, to Micajah Moberley, land granted to Thomas Meador, on north brnach of Beaver Creek."

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    We the undersigned certify that this day Kesiah Meaders Relict of Thomas Meaders deceased appeared before us acting justice of the peace for Whitley County and being privately examined apart from all her friends by us she freely and voluntarily acknowledged that she was perfectly satisfied and consentive and perfectly satisfied with the deed of conveyance made by her deceased husband to their son Pleasant Meadors and that she freely and voluntarily relinquishes her rights of dower to the said one hundred acres of land and acknowledge the deed of conveyance to be her act and Deed
    Signed 14 Sept 1826 Wm B. Creekmore JP, J White JP