Person:Thomas Jackson (105)

Thomas Jackson
b.ABT 1817 New York
m. 12 Aug 1804
  1. David Doty Jackson1808 - 1876
  2. Moses JacksonABT 1810 - 1855
  3. Catharine Jackson1815 -
  4. Thomas JacksonABT 1817 -
  5. Henry Doty Jackson1818 -
Facts and Events
Name Thomas Jackson
Gender Male
Birth[2] ABT 1817 New York
Vital Records

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Thomas age 33, was found in the 1850 Census for Hempstead, Queens Co., NY. He is a carpenter and is living with his father, Samuel, and brother Henry and Henry's family. The Doty-Doten book says he was not married.

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