Person:Robert Porterfield (2)

Col. Robert Porterfield
b.22 February 1752 Frederick County, Virginia
m. bef. 1750
  1. Eleanor Porterfieldest 1745-1760 -
  2. Col. Charles Porterfield1750 - 1781
  3. Col. Robert Porterfield1752 - 1843
m. abt. 1784
  1. Charles Porterfield1786 - 1810
  2. Mary C. 'Polly' Porterfield1789 - 1852
  3. John Porterfield1792 - 1851
  4. Rebecca Farrar Porterfield1798 - 1870
Facts and Events
Name Col. Robert Porterfield
Alt Name Gen. Robert Porterfield
Gender Male
Birth? 22 February 1752 Frederick County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1784 Augusta County, Virginiato Rebecca Farrar
Death? 13 February 1843 Waynesboro, Augusta County, Virginia

Robert Porterfield was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Robert Porterfield in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - MAY 17, 1785. - (18) New Commission, viz: Thomas Adams, William Bowyer, Thomas Hughart,* Alexr. St. Clair, Charles Cameron, William McPheeters,* Joseph Bell, Samuel Vance, John Givens, David Stephenson, Richard Mathews, Robert Porterfield, Jacob Warrick, George Moffet, Alexr. Robertson, Elijah McClenachan,* Thomas Hughes,* George Poage, James Steel, John Wilson, Samuel Lewis, John Taite,* Robert Gamble, James Crawford, Jr., James Davis, Alexr. Crawford, John McKemey. (Those marked (*) qualified.)
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 19, 1785. - (81) Robert Gamble and Robert Porterfield qualified Justices.
  • Page 347.--14th September, 1786. William Foster, Sr., of Botetourt, William Foster, Jr., and Elisabeth, of Augusta, to Samuel Bell, tract conveyed by Joseph Poindexter to William Foster, Sr., and by him conveyed to his son William, 20th May, 1783. Teste: Robert Porterfield, John Patrick, John Cullen.
  • Vol. 1 - DECEMBER, 1790. - List of present justices. George Moffett, William Bowyer, Elijah McClenachan, Alexander St. Clair, Alexander Robertson, Thomas Hughart, Joseph Bell, John Tate, David Stephenson, Richard Mathews, Robert Porterfield, John McKemy, dead, James Ramsey, Robert Douthat, James Searight, James Berry, William McPheeters, James Steel (refused to act since he was sheriff), Samuel Vance, in Bath County; John Wilson, in Bath County; Charles Cameron, in Bath County; Robert Gamble, Richmond; Alexander Crawford, Rockbridge County; Alexander Gibson, Alexander Nelson, Joseph Bell, Jr., William Moffett, James Poage, Kentucky.
  • Vol. 1 - DECEMBER, 1790. - A list of the names and order of the Justices of the Peace for the County of Augusta, as they stand in the commisison dated, March 24, 1778, viz: Thomas Adams, John Poage, Alexander McClenachan, Alexander Robertson, John Lewis, William McPheeters, Peter Hanger, John Dickinson, George Moffett, William Bowyer, Thomas Hughart, Alexander St. Clair, James Steel, Samuel Vance, John Christian, Sampson Mathews, Michael Bowyer, Elijah McClenachan, John Kinkade, James Tate, John McCreery, James Bell, John Wilson. Additional commission, dated 28th April, 1785: David Stephenson, James Crawford, Jr., Jacob Warrick, Robert Gamble, Robert Porterfield, Richard Mathews, James Davis, James Searight, John McKeemy.
  • Page 304.--9th December, 1790. Jacob Haldiman's will--To wife, Elizabeth, and hers and my children. Teste: Robt. Porterfield, Nicholas Earhart, Daniel Krouse. Proved, 18th January, 1791, by Earhart and Krouse. Widow qualifies.
  • Page 353.-- March, 1791. Maj. Robert Porterfield, Robert Kenney, Jno. Gamble elected overseers of poor at Stone Meeting House.
  • 1791--April 30, Michael Goodlink and Margaret Campbell, daughter of Alex. Campbell (consent); witness, Ro. Porterfield; surety, John Campbell.
  • Vol. 2 - EXECUTIONS. SEPTEMBER, 1794 (K to Z) - Robert Porterfield vs. William and James Kennerley--Debt. Writ, 27th July, 1793.
  • Page 171.--6th September, 1794. Alexander Gibson's will--To wife, Mary; to children, viz: Elizabeth, Christian, Mary Mowrey, Margaret; to grandson, Daniel Gibson. who is to make deed to Daniel McFarling for his tract on Christian's Creek; to John McFarling; to grandson Edward Atkins; to granddaughter, Sarah Allen (I believe is her name, but Mrs. Haladay knows her); to granddaughter, Ann McFarling; to granddaughter, Elizabeth Congo (Cargo?); to grandson, Samuel Cargo; to Daniel McFarling. Executors. Robert Porterfield, Henry Mowrey. Teste: Jas. Hill, Daniel McFarland, Christian Gibson. Proved, 16th June, 1795, by James Hill Daniel McFarlin. Executors refuse to execute, widow also. Administration granted Alexander Gibson, son to decedent.
  • Page 134.--6th November, 1794. Jacob Barrier's estate appraised by Robert Porterfield, Jas. Kerr, James Kennerley, Geo. Craig, Valentine Shirly.
  • Vol. 2 - APRIL, 1795 (K to Z). - Robert Porterfield vs. William Kennerley, James Kennerley and James Kennerley, Jr.--Motion for debt, January 22, 1795.
  • Page 286.--15th July, 1796. Michael (mark) Coiner's will--To wife, Margaret, house to be built by son Christian. Division among sons, except Frederick (lunatick). To sons, George, Conrad, George Michael, Gasper, John, Martin, Jacob, Christian, Philip; to daughters, Elizabeth Paisley, Mary Edebaugh, Cathrine Slagle. Executors, sons George and Kasper. Teste: Robt. Porterfield, Benj. Kennerley, John Conner. Proved, 20th June. 1797 (having been heretofore proved by witnesses) recorded, to which Christian Balsley appeals. At a District Court 7th September, 1797. affirmed excent to codicil, which is rejected. And now County Court, 19th September, 1797, Gasper Coiner qualifies. George refuses.
  • Page 49.---24th March, 1800. Robert Porterfield's bond as Sheriff.
  • Page 306.--3d August, 1808. Thomas Turk's will--To wife, Mary; wife's mother, Easther Woolman; grandson, Thos. Turk McCullough, infant; grandson, Thos. Turk Rhea (Reah), infant; daughters, Esther Johnston, Betsey Coger; Rebecca Anderson; son, James Turk; daughters Jane Allen, Betty Glave; son, Thomas. Executors, Andrew Ramsey, Wm. Patrick, Robt. Porterfield. Teste: Paley (her (X) mark) Belew, Wm. Patrick, John and Christian Fauber. Proved, 24th July, 1809.
  • Page 274.--7th February, 1809. John Patrick's will, old and infirm--To wife Jane; sons, William and Charles; to grandchildren, Robert, Margaret, Samuel, Jenny, John, Mary, and Rebecca Downey; daughter, Isabella McCatchen; grandson, John Patrick McCutchen. Executors, sons William and Charles. Teste: Robt. Porterfield, Andrew Ramsey, David Bell. Proved, 22d May. 1809. Executors qualify.
  • Vol. 2 - Theophilus Wyatt's Declaration, October 25th, 1832: Born in Caroline County, July 28, 1760; resided some years in Caroline; thence, in his youth, removed to Hanover, where he entered the army; volunteered at Albermarle Barracks in the early spring of 1780 (about the last of February), when he became assistant to Col. Samuel Lewis, of Augusta, purchasing commissary for the troops and prisoners then stationed at the Barracks; from there he was ordered to Richmond, where he and Col. Lewis were furnished with money and proceeded to North Carolina to make purchases; he was taken sick, and left at Salisbury, where he remained two months; he returned to Richmond, where he was employed in the Quartermaster's department until the close of the war; he served first as assistant to Capt. Charles Russell, Quartermaster at Richmond; he took charge of the public store at Westham temporarily; he served also under William Rose, Granville Smith, and James Kemp, officers under Col. Charles Porterfield, then Quartermaster General of Virginia State Line; Rose, Smith, and Kemp acted as Porterfield's deputies; after the death of Col. Porterfield, who fell mortally wounded at Camden, South Carolina, his office was filled by Capt. Henry Young (afterwards General Young), under whom declarant was next in office in the Quartermaster's department; he was stationed at Richmond, Manchester, Westham, Goochland Court House, Charlottesville, and Staunton; he took an active part in removing the stores from point to point to prevent their capture when the enemy came to Richmond and Charlottesville; he drew pay and ranked as Captain in the Virginia State Line; he refers to the affidavits of Colonel Churchill Gibbs and Richard Wyatt. Shortly after the war, declarant was a merchant in Charleston, South Carolina; he removed thence to Georgia with store goods; thence back to Virginia, where he has resided in Caroline, Spottsylvania, Albermarle, Nelson, Rockbridge, and Augusta; he lives now twelve miles east of Staunton. General Robert Porterfield, an officer of the Revolution, deposes, he is brother of Lieut. Col. Charles Porterfield, Quartermaster General. 27th January, 1834: It is certified that Sally Wyatt is the widow of Theophilus Wyatt, and that he died 29th December, 1833. 29th January, 1834: It is certified that the next of kin of Theophilus Wyatt are Ann M. Wilson, wife of John Wilson; Mary A. Hillery, widow of Joseph Hillary; Elizabeth D. Wyatt, Theophilus G. A. Wyatt, Sally L. L. Wyatt, Virginia I. W. Wyatt, John W. L. Wyatt, the last three being infants.
  • November 24th, 1835--The following are certified to be the heirs of John Porterfield, viz: Robert Porterfield, Jr.; Mary E. Kinney, Jane Elenor Kinney, Robert Porterfield Kinney, Rebecca F. Kinney, William Kinney, Ann Maria Kinney, Eliza H. Kinney, Charles Nicholas Kinney, all children of Rebecca F. Kinney; Rebecca and Robert Porterfield Wayland, children of Mary C. Wayland. Rebecca F. Kinney and Mary C. Wayland were living at the death of Eleanor Heth. (Note: John Porterfield mentioned in this record was Robert's son).

Information on Col. Robert Porterfield

From "History of Augusta County, Virginia", by John Lewis Peyton, 1882:


The first of this family emigrated from England early in the 18th century, and settled in Penn. Thence two of his sons removed to Va. and settled in Jefferson, namely: Robert and Charles. A third son removed to the West and became a citizen of Ky. Both Robert and Charles were officers during the war of the Revolution, and Charles died unm., from wounds received during the war. After the war, about 1782, Col. Robert Porterfield removed to Augusta and settled on South river, on a farm which he called " Soldiers Retreat". He married Rebecca Farrar, of Amelia co., by whom he had issue: 1. Charles, who died unmarred.; 2. Polly; 3. John; 4. Rebecca. Polly married Lewis Wayland, of Augusta, and left a large family, who have removed to Ky. John Porterfield married Betsy McCue, a sister of John and Col. Franklin McCue, and had only one child, Robert Porterfield, who married a daughter of John Wayt, and left one son, Robert Porterfield, of Lewisburg, Greenbrier co., W Va., who married Miss McClung, of Greenbrier and they have three children, namely: Mattie, Herbert and Annie. Rebecca Porterfield married William Kinney, Esq., of Staunton, and they left issue, nine children, viz: 1. Mary, married Alfred Chapman, of Orange, and they have a large family; 2. Jane, who married E. M. Taylor, of N. Y., and they have eight children; 3. Robert Porterfield, who married Isabella, daughter of L. L. Stevenson, and they have a large family; 4 Rebecca, who married S. A. Richardson, of Mass., and they have three children; 5. William Kinney, M. D., who died unmarried.; 6, Annie Maria, who married Maj. H. M. Bell, a lawyer of Staunton, and they have three children: 1. Richard P.; 2. Annie; and 6.. Henderson M., jr.; 7. Eliza, unmarried.; 8. Charles N., who died unmarried.; 9. John C, died unmarried. Gen. Porterfield had two sisters: 1. Rebecca, who died unmarried.; 2. Eleanor, who married Mr. Heath, Attorney-Gen, of Ky., and they left no issue. He was a man of high character, strong sense and martial spirit.

From post:

Robert Porterfield
Spouse 1: Rebecca FARRAR
Birth: Dec 28, 1764 Amelia County, Virginia
Death: July 3, 1798 Augusta Co., Virginia
Father: Peter FARRAR
Mother: Mary Magdalene CHRISTIAN
Marriage: abt 1784 Augusta County, Virginia
Charles (1786-1810)
Mary C. "Polly" (1789-1852)
John (1792-1851)
Rebecca Farrar (1798-1870)

Rootsweb post


Chalkley's Augusta County Records
"History of Augusta County, Virginia", by John Lewis Peyton, 1882
Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements & Rosters - Robert Porterfield
  1.   McIlhany, Hugh Milton. Some Virginia families: being genealogies of the Kinney, Stribling, Trout, McIlhany, Milton, Rogers, Tate, Snickers, Taylor, McCormick and other families of Virginia. (Staunton, Virginia: Stoneburner & Prufer, Printers, 1903), Page 30 to 32.

    This family, which settled originally in Pennsylvania, is said to be of Scotch-Irish descent. Two brothers, Charles and William, removed to Frederick County, Virginia, at an early date, the latter being the ancestor of Col. G. A. Porterfield of Charlestown, W. Va., and of numerous other descendants living in the lower Valley. Charles Porterfield had at least four children:

    1. Charles Porterfield, Jr., distinguished himself in the War of the Revolution, attaining the rank of Lieut-Colonel, and died from the effects of a wound received at the disastrous battle of Camden. He never married.

    2. Eleanor Porterfield married William Heath, Attorney -General of Kentucky, but left no children.

    3. Rebecca Porterfield lived with her brother Robert, and died
    at an old age unmarried.

    4. Robert Porterfield, known as General Porterfield, was also highly distinguished in the Revolutionary Army. His military service, as recorded at the War Department and given in Heitnian's "Historical Register" of the officers of the Continental Army, was as follows:— "2nd Lieut. 11th Va., 24th Dec, i776; 1st Lieut, 1st June 1777; Adjutant, 19th Apr. 1778; transferred to 7th Va, 14th Sep. 1778; Capt. Lieut., 2d July 1779; Capt., 16th Aug. 1779; taken prisoner at Charleston, 12th May, 1780; transferred to 2d Va., 12 Feb, 1781, and served to close of War". He then settled in Augusta County, on Oct. 8th, 1784 purchasing a fine estate below Waynesboro on South River, which he called "Soldiers' Retreat". Here he died Feb. 13, 1843. There is in the possession of Dr. C. P. Kinney of Crossville, 111., an old parchment signed by George Washington, being the certificate of membership of Capt. Robt. Porterfield in the Society of the Cincinnati, an organization instituted by the officers of the American Army at the close of the Revolution. He was at one time Colonel of the state militia, and during the War of 1812 was commissioned

    The Porterfield Family. 31

    Brigadier General of Virginia Volunteers; hence the title by which he was commonly known. He married Rebecca Farrar, daughter of Peter Farrar of Amelia County, by whom he had four children:

    (1). Charles Porterfield; died unmarried.
    (2). Mary C. (or Polly^ Porterfield, b. June 10, 1789; d. April ]6, 1852; m. June 18, 1818, Lewis Wayland of Augusta County (b. in 1787; d. Grant County, Ky., Feb. 4, 1857). They left a large family who have removed to Kentucky. Their daughter Rebecca Wayland married Robert H. Kinney; see §8.
    (3). John Porterfield married Betsy McCue, a sister of John and Col. Franklin McCue, and had only one child, Robert Porterfield, who married a daughter of John Wayt, and left one son, Robert Porterfield of Lewisburg, W. Va., who married a Miss McClung of Greenbrier County and had several children.
    (1). Rebecca Farrar Porterfield, married WiLLiAM Kinney;
    see §10.

    The line of descent of Rebecca Farrar, wife of General Robert Porterfield, has not been certainly established in every point, but the following is taken from the sketch of the family given in the "Virginia Magazine of History and Biography":

    I. John Farrar of Hertford, England. His son,

    II. Nicholas Farrar or Ferrar, merchant of London and member of the Virginia Company, m. Mary Woodnoth.
    Their son (?),

    III. William Farrar or Ferrar, Member of the Council 1623 to 1633, m. Mrs. Cicely Jordan (?). His son,

    IV. William Farrar, Burgess 1659-'60, '61-'76, m. Mary. Their son,

    V. Maj . William Farrar, Burgess 1700-'02, m. Priscilla Baugh. Their son,

    VI. William Farrar, m. Judith Jefferson, first cousin of Thomas Jefferson. Their son, almost certainly, was —

    VII. Peter Farrar, b. June 6, 1730; m. Jan. 17, 1754, Mary Magdalene Chastain (b. Aug. 23, 1827; widow of James Cocke of Malvern Hills, and daughter of Dr. Stephen Chastain, one of the French Huguenots who settled Mannikin Town in Henrico County, who came over, we are told, “in the first ship”, and whose name occurs on the records of Henrico in 1706; his wife’s name was Martha, and she died it was 1725 aged 52. Their sixth child was –

    VIII. Rebecca Farrar, b. Dec. 28, 1764; m. Gen. Robert Porterfield...