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Robert Boggs
  • F.  James Boggs (add)
  • M.  Lucinda (Unknown) (add)
  1. Robert Boggs1833 - 1905
m. 27 May 1857
  1. David Boggs1858 - bet 1860-1870
  2. Jane "Jennie" S. Boggs1863 - 1914
  3. Maggie M. Boggs1865 - bet 1880-1900
  4. Elizabeth R. Boggs1867 - 1932
  5. William Welker Boggs1869 - bet 1910-1921
  6. Agnes G. Boggs1876 - 1973
Facts and Events
Name Robert Boggs
Gender Male
Birth? Mar 1833 Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA
Marriage 27 May 1857 Lawrence Co, PAto Mary Belle Pattison
Death? 19 May 1905 New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA@72Y
Military? Civil War Veteran
Occupation? Carpenter
Burial? Oak Park Cemetery, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA

1850 Allegheny Ward 3, Allegheny, Pennsylvania; Roll: M432_744; Page: 155; Image: 311, h/h 950/1032 Boggs, James 45 farmer Scot Lucinda 35 Scot Robert 17 PA Elizabeth 14 PA Thomas 10 PA Jane 5 PA John 3 PA Martha E 6/12 PA

1860 Union Twp, Lawrence Co, PA PO New Castle, 5 June 1860, Series M653 Roll 1127 p489 h/h 53/51 Boggs, Robert 25 boiler man PA Mary 24 PA David 2 PA Jane 1/12 PA Mills, Agness 5 PA

1880 New Castle, Lawrence, Pennsylvania; Roll: T9_1144; Family History Film: 1255144; Page: 122.2000; Enumeration District: 216; Image: 0444, Chestnut Street, h/h 54/59 Boggs, Robert 46 PA-Ire-Ire carpenter Mary 43 wife PA-Scot-Scot Jennie 19 dau attend school PA-PA-PA Lizzie 17 dau attend school PA-PA-PA Maggie M 15 dau attend school PA-PA-PA William 10 son attend school PA-PA-PA Aggie 6 PA-PA-PA

Couple Appears Headed for Divorce

New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 8 April 1891

Lived Together Thirty-Four Years

Mrs. Mary L. Boggs by her next friend, DC Pattison, and through her attorney, J. Norman Martin, asks the court to be divorced from her husband, Robert Boggs. The parties were united in marriage May 28, 1857, and lived together until March 12, 1891. The petitioner alleges cruel and barborus treatment, claiming that she was assaulted by him on April 6, 1891 and that on numerous occasions she was driven from the house by him. Boggs is at present in jail on a charge of assaulting his wife. He is very hard of hearing and drinks a great deal. It is thought that he is mentally unbalanced.

New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 17 June 1891, p9

Robert Boggs of Third Ward was found guilty of assaulting his wife and was brought in. Mr. Boggs is very deaf and the inquiries were reduced to writing. He said that he didn’t feel that he was guilty. He was sentenced to pay $5 and costs and undergo 30 days in jail.

The jury in the case of the Commonwealth v Robert Boggs who was charged with assault and battery by his wife returned a verdict of guilty. Boggs is a well known old citizen who has permitted liquor to get the better of him. His almost total deafness it is thought causes him to act peculiar at times. His wife has applied for a divorce.

NCN, 26 Sept 1894

Robert Boggs Leaves to Attend Funeral of His Father

Robert Boggs of Chestnut St left Friday morning for Pittsburgh in response to a telegram announcing the death of his venerable father, James Boggs which occurred on Thursday at noon at his home, 319 Sandusky St, Allegheny City at the age of 90 years. He was of Scotch Irish descent and a man of superior intelligence and a member of the UP Church for the last 50 years. He leaves 3 sons, 3 daughters, and a large circle of friends to mourn his loss.

New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 13 Oct 1897

A New Castle Man - Undertakes a New Venture and Completes it Satisfactorally

If the facts as published below had been unearthed in Kalamazoo, MI readers might look the item over and then throw the paper to one side and forget all about it. The interest in the statement of a citizen in a distant town isn’t in it when reading side by side with that of a fellow citizen. Foreign evidence has always had suspicions halo around it that the articles lack and when you have the statement of Mr. Robert Boggs of 133 Chestnut St you have to face the inevitable question, can I depend more upon an article endorsed by a resident of Springfield than I can depend upon one endorsed by a stranger whom I don’t know and whose place of abode I never heard about until I saw it mentioned in an advertisement. Read what Mr. Boggs says: “Exposure during the war of the rebellion brought on several ailments, one of them was itching hemmorroid. I used many remedies for this affliction, but received absolutely no benefit from any of them. Learning about Doan’s Ointment I procured a box at Hutton’s drug store. The use of this remedy proved very beneficial. I know of wonderful benefit being derived in a severe case of rheumatism from the use of Doan’s Kiney Pills. The relief was almost instantaneous, and was very great.”

But Apparently There Was a Change of Heart

1900 Newcastle Ward 3 Precinct 1, Lawrence, Pennsylvania; Roll: T623 1426; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 104, 133 Chestnut St, h/h 48/50 Boggs, Robert Mar 1833 (67) m58Y 8/4 ch PA-Ire-Ire carpenter Mary B wife March 1833 (67) PA-Scot-Scot

Robert Boggs enlisted 24 Aug 1864 at North Brighton, PA; discharged 30 Jun 1865, Wash D.C. as Civil War soldier.(Howell Boggs of Powell, TN)

NCN, 4 Sept 1901

Robert Boggs of Chestnut St was a visitor in Pittsburgh tuesday and Wednesday.

NCN, 27 Nov 1901

Oak Park Cemetery to Robert Boggs, $80 for land

NCN, 12 May 1905

Robert Boggs of Chestnut St suffered a stroke of paralysis at an early hour Thursday morning and is now in such a serious condition that the gravest apprehensions are felt as the result. Mrs. Agnes Stitt of Youngstown, a daughter of the stricken man, has been summoned to this city and is at her father’s bedside. This is the second attack of this kind suffered by Mr. Boggs and this last one largely to the probability to a fatal termination of his illness.

Obituary New Castle News, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, 19 May 1905

Robert Boggs, a Civil War veteran, and a resident of this city for many years, died at his home on Chestnut St about 3 AM Frieday morning after a long illness from Bright’s disease. Mr. Boggs was 70 years of age and was born in Pittsburgh where his early life was spent.

His condition had been so serious for some time that little hope was expressed of saving his life and the end was not unexpected. He was a carpenter by occupation and was recognized as one of the best in the city. He had assisted in the erection of many fine dwelling houses here and his services were sought upon work demanding the highest skill in his occupation.

During the Civil War he served his country faithfully as a member of the heavy artillery corps of PA and made a gallant record. He was a life long Republican and was a man who was a deep student and thinker and took an active interest in public affairs although he never aspired to any public office.

Mr. Bogs is survived by his wife and 4 children

  • William
  • Elizabeth
  • Jennie
  • Mrs. Agnes Stitt all of this city.

Only to falling health he had not been employed at his trade for some time past but had been a remarkably active man for the greater part of his life. Funeral services Monday afternoon at 3 PM from the family home on Chestnut Street and internment at Oak Park. Coaches from Dunn and Rice’s.

NCN, 24 May 1905

Robert Boggs was a Heavy Artilleryman

The late Robert R. Boggs of Chestnut St whose death Friday morning at his home was published in the News that day was a well known veteran of the Civil War. He served as a member of Co A of the 5th PA Heavy Artillery Volunteers.

Mr. Boggs was born in Alleghany and came to this city in 1855. Three years later he married Miss MAry Belle Pattison, daughter of David Pattison a prominent resident of this city during its early days whose death occurred many years ago. Mr. Boggs is survived by his wife and 4 children - Miss Jennie S. Boggs of this city, Miss Elizabeth R Boggs of Youngstown, Mrs. Agnes Stitt of this city, and William W Bogs of Sharon. He also leaves one brother John M. Boggs and 3 sisters, Mrs. Curry, Mrs. Martha McKean, and Miss Elizabeth Boggs.

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    Oak Park Cemetery, New Castle, Lawrence Co, PA, Dwight Cooper, 2006, Section M p21