Person:Mary Hartley (12)

m. 12 APR 1769
  1. Mary Hartley1770 - 1832
m. 11 MAR 1789
  1. David Townsend1791 - 1872
  2. Ann Townsend1794 -
  3. Stephen TownsendABT 1795 - 1850
  4. John Townsend1797 - ABT 1850
  5. Levi Townsend1799 -
  6. Amos Townsend1801 -
  7. Sarah Townsend1802 - 1863
  8. Samuel Townsend1805 - 1880
  9. Seneca Townsend1810 -
  • H.  Nehemiah Matson (add)
  • WMary Hartley1770 - 1832
m. 9 DEC 1818
Facts and Events
Name Mary Hartley
Married Name[1] Mary Townsend
Married Name[1] Mary Matson
Gender Female
Birth? 29 JAN 1770 Solebury (township), Bucks, Pennsylvania, United States
Marriage 11 MAR 1789 Lahaska, Bucks, Pennsylvania, United Statesat Buckingham MH
to Joseph Townsend
Marriage 9 DEC 1818 Harrison, Ohio, United Statesby licence
to Nehemiah Matson (add)
Religion[1] 23 FEB 1819 Jefferson, Ohio, United StatesShort Creek MM; condemned for marriage contrary to discipline
Death? 11 NOV 1832 Short Creek, Harrison, Ohio, United States
Religion? member of Friends Church
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    Short Creek MM, 23 2mo. 1819; Mary Matson (formerly Townsend) condemned for marriage contrary to discipline.