Person:Mary Forsey (4)

Mary Forsey
m. 6 Nov 1788
  1. Elizabeth Forsey1793 -
  2. Sarah Forsey1797 -
  3. Francis Forsey1803 -
  4. Mary Forsey1810 - 1872
  5. Susan Forsey1815 -
m. 8 Jan 1833
  1. Mary Hutchings1833 -
  2. Ann Hutchings1834 - 1910
  3. William Hutchings1838 -
  4. Alfred Hutchings1841 -
  5. George Henry Hutchings1844 -
Facts and Events
Name Mary Forsey
Gender Female
Birth[1] 18 Oct 1810 Winsham, Somerset, England
Christening[1] 20 Oct 1811 Winsham, Somerset, EnglandIndependent Chapel
Marriage 8 Jan 1833 Crewkerne, Somerset, Englandto Edmund Wilkins Hutchings
Census[2] 6 Jun 1841 Crewkerne, Somerset, EnglandWoolminstone
Census[3] 30 Mar 1851 Winsham, Somerset, EnglandWhatley
Census[4] 7 Apr 1861 Northover, Somerset, EnglandIn Street
Census[5] 2 Apr 1871 Broadwindsor, Dorset, EnglandLittlewindsor or Swilletts
Burial[6] 24 Oct 1872 Broadwindsor, Dorset, England


Mary Ann Forsey was born on 18th October 1810 at Winsham in Somerset, daughter of Sarah Forsey, formerly Hawkins, and her husband Francis Forsey, a labourer. She appears to have been the fourth of five children the couple had together. Mary was baptised at the Independent Chapel in Winsham when she was just over a year old, indicating that the family at that time were probably non-conformists, although her elder siblings had been baptised at Winsham parish church. Her younger sister Susan would also be baptised at the Independent Chapel.

When Mary was ten years old her mother died. Two years later her father remarried an Elizabeth Pye, with whom he would have another son in 1824, who was therefore Mary's half brother.


Mary was married on 8th January 1833 to an agricultural labourer named Edmund Wilkins Hutchings. They married at Crewkerne, which is where he was from, and initially settled in the parish of Crewkerne, living in the hamlet of Woolminstone to the west of the town itself. Some of their children's baptisms specify that they lived in Woolminstone, and they also appear there in the 1841 census, living with Edmund's father. Mary and Edmund appear to have had seven children together between 1833 and 1850. The first five children were born in the parish of Crewkerne, after which the family moved back to Mary's native Winsham, where the other two children were born. The 1851 census finds Mary and Edmund living in the hamlet of Whatley in Winsham parish. Edmund was then working as a farmer, and Mary's occupation was given as a farmer's wife.

Some time between 1851 and 1861 the family moved some distance away from the Crewkerne and Winsham areas of south Somerset. The 1861 census finds the family living at Northover, just outside the town of Ilchester in central Somerset. They moved again between 1861 and 1871, back closer to Crewkerne and Winsham, but this time just over the county boundary into Dorset, where the lived at Littlewindsor in the parish of Broadwindsor. The 1871 census finds Edmund working at a farm bailiff. They also had their granddaughter Kate May (their daughter Ann's daughter) living with them on census night.

Mary died in 1872, very close to her 62nd birthday (possibly a day or two either side of it). She was buried at Broadwindsor. Edmund outlived her by nineteen years, in which time he went to live with his daughter Ann and her family, who had moved to Plymouth in Devon.

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    Mary Anne Hutchings, wife, married, female, 54 [1816/7], b. Winsham, Somerset
    Kate May, granddaughter, female, 8 [1862/3], b. Devonport, Devon

    The top of this census page says "Littlewinsor and Swilotts" (i.e. Littlewindsor and Swilletts to use the modern spellings) but there is nothing to distinguish which families were at the hamlet of Littlewindsor and which were at the hamlet of Swilletts. The Hutchings were probably at Littlewindsor, because that was given as their abode when Mary died the following year.

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    BURIALS in the Parish of Broadwindsor in the County of Dorset in the Year 1872
    Name: Mary Ann Hutchings
    Abode: Little Windsor
    When buried: Oct[obe]r 24
    Aged: 61 [1810/11]
    By whom the Ceremony was performed: S.C. Malon, Vicar