Person:Mary Christian (31)

Mary Christian
b.ABT 1704 Ireland
d.AFT 20 Nov 1764
m. 1703
  1. Mary ChristianABT 1704 - AFT 1764
  2. Robert Christianabt 1712 - bef 1794
  3. Capt. John ChristianABT 1718 - BEF 1779
  4. Maj. William Christian1720 - BEF 1779
  • HJohn Moffet1699 - 1742
  • WMary ChristianABT 1704 - AFT 1764
m. 1724
  1. Mary MoffettAbt 1727 - aft 1811
  2. Col. George Moffett1733 - 1811
  3. Catherine MoffettAbt 1737 -
  4. William MoffetAbt 1740 - 1774
  5. John MoffettAbt 1741 - Aft 1767
  6. Hannah MoffetAbt 1742 -
  7. Capt. Robert Moffett1742/43 - 1816
  • HJohn TrimbleABT 1715 - 1763
  • WMary ChristianABT 1704 - AFT 1764
m. bet. 1743-1752
  1. Robert TrimbleEst 1745-1759 -
  2. Capt. James Trimbleabt 1753 - 1804
Facts and Events
Name Mary Christian
Gender Female
Birth[1] ABT 1704 Ireland
Marriage 1724 Irelandto John Moffet
Marriage bet. 1743-1752 Virginiato John Trimble
Alt Marriage 1755 Augusta County, Virginiato John Trimble
Death[1] AFT 20 Nov 1764
Alt Death? 1770 New Castle, Pennsylvania
Vital Records

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Two Marriages of Mary Christian

She was married 1st to John MOFFETT .(21)(3) Children were: Hannah MOFFETT.
She was married 2nd to John TRIMBLE. (28) AUGUSTA COUNTY VIRGINIA -CHALKLEY'S CHORNICLES; pge 364. - 20th November 1764, James and Mary Trimble's bond (with James Gilmore, Ben estill, George Moffet, David Trimble) as Administers of John Trimble. Children were: James TRIMBLE. (and probably others).

Records of Mary Christian:
From Chalkley's Augusta County, VA Court Orders and Records:

  • Page 161.--20th November, 1746. John Moffett, mason, to Mathew Robertson, of the Province of Pennsylvania. Whereas, by patent 6th September, 1736, to Beverley & Co., and Beverley bought out the other partners 17th September, 1736, and Beverley by deed 29th February, 1739, granted to John Moffett 396 acres, part of Beverley Manor, £110 current money Virginia; 396 acres above on a branch of Shanando called Cathey's Run. Witnesses, Robert King and Silas Hart. Acknowledged by John, and dower released by Mary, his wife, 20th November, 1746.
  • Page 142.--17th May, 1749. Mary Moffett's bond as administratrix of John Moffett, with sureties Robert and Wm. Christian.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 15, 1752 - (361) Mary Moffett, widow of John Moffett, has since intermarried with John Trimble.

Guardianship records of Mary's children with her first husband, John Moffett:

  • Page 466.--16th November, 1752. Robert Christian's bond as guardian (appointed) to Mary and Robert Moffett, orphans of John Moffett, with sureties John and William Christian.
  • Page 466.--16th November, 1752. John Christian's bond as guardian (appointed) of Catherine, Wm., and Hannah Moffett, orphans of John Moffett, with sureties Francis F. McCown, Robert Brown.
  • Page 467.--16th November, 1752. William Christian's bond as guardian (appointed) to George and John Moffett, orphans of John Moffett, with surety James Lockhart.
  • Vol. 1 - November, 1756 (B) - p. 316: Trimble vs. Gardner. - John Trimble and Mary, his wife, complain of Alexander Gardner and Benjamin Copland. Bond dated 12th September, 1749. Made to Mary Moffett, who married Trimble. Suit begun 1755, 30th November.
  • Page 362.--19th May, 1762. John Trimble and Mary ( ) to Henry Criswell, 400 acres on southemost branch of North River of Shanando, on Stony Lick Branch. Acknowledged and privy examination of Mary.
  • p. 86. Will Book No. 3 -(364) 20th November, 1764. James and Mary Trimble's bond (with James Gilmore, Ben. Estill, Geo. Moffett, David Trimble), as administrators of John Trimble.
  • 15 April 1765 - p. 120: (335) Court of Claims and Grievances. Wm. Elliott, provisions. John Finley, provisions. Mary Trimble, relict of John Trimble, for horse of John's impressed and provisions. Wm. Armstrong, provisions. Henry Criswell, horse impressed. Samuel Wilson, provisions and horse impressed. John Miller, provisions. David Doage, provisions. Ralph Laverty, provisions. Thos. Beard, provisions. John Trimble, provisions. Nathan Gilliland, carriage of "Flower." John McClary, provisions.
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