Person:Martha Coker (7)

Martha Elizabeth Coker
m. 18 Sep 1851
  1. Mary Jane Coker1852 - 1946
  2. John Rufus Coker1853 - 1936
  3. Martha Elizabeth Cokerabt 1857 -
  4. Adelia Caledonia CokerAbt 1861 -
  5. Julia Ann Coker1864 - 1950
  6. Francis Marion Coker1865 - 1951
  7. Lula Palestine Coker1868 - 1934
m. 23 Mar 1873
  1. James W. Teafateller1874 - 1928
  2. Mary Frances Teafatiller1876 - 1955
  3. Anna Teafateller1877 - 1949
  4. Montgomery Teafateller1881 -
  5. Daniel F. TeafatellerAbt 1883 -
  6. Rena E. Teafateller1886 -
  7. Sarah Elizabeth Teafateller1888 - 1957
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Martha Elizabeth Coker
Married Name[3][4] Martha Elizabeth Teafateller
Gender Female
Birth[1][2] abt 1857 Georgia, United States
Census[1] Jul 1860 Catoosa, Georgia, United StatesM. E. Coker, female, age 3, born in Georgia in household of Ja. Coker, dwelling #446, family #442, post office Ringgold
Census[2] 5 Aug 1870 Chattooga, Georgia, United StatesMartha E. Coker, age 12, born in Georgia, in household of James A. Coker, dwelling/family #251 in 968 District, post office BroomTown
Marriage 23 Mar 1873 Chattooga, Georgia, United Statesto Enoch H. Teafateller
Census[4] 2 Jun 1880 Collin, Texas, United StatesM. E. Teafatiller, wife, age 22, born in Georgia, father born in Georgia, mother born in Alabama, in household of E. H. Teafatiller
Vital Records

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Research Notes

Martha Elizabeth Coker Teafateller is not listed as an heir in the 1890 document that transferred from land from the heirs of James Coker, deceased to Lum Weathers. She is enumerated in the household of James Coker in the 1860 and 1870 census. Further research regarding the administration of the estate is needed.

Martha Elizabeth Coker Teafateller is said to have died on 18 Aug 1896 in Indian Territory, now the state of Oklahoma. Her husband Enoch Teafateller is said to have died 29 Jul 1889, place not identified.

There is evidence that Martha Elizabeth Coker Teafateller was in the Indian territory. From the death certificate of her daughter Sarah Elizabeth; the indication is that Sarah Elizabeth was born in Lebanon, Oklahoma in 1889.

There is an 1890 Territorial Census for Oklahoma which needs to be checked. The Veterans and Widows schedules for the 1890 U.S. Census for Oklahoma also survived. There are also marriage records for this time period. All of these items need to be checked.

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