Person:Margaret Penn (4)

Margaret Penn
b.7 Nov 1704 Bristol, England
d.Jan 1750-51
  1. Thomas Penn1702 - 1775
  2. Margaret Penn1704 - 1750
  3. Richard Penn1706 - 1771
m. 1727
  1. Philadelphia Hannah Freame1740 -
Facts and Events
Name Margaret Penn
Gender Female
Birth? 7 Nov 1704 Bristol, England
Marriage 1727 to Capt. Thomas Freame
Death? Jan 1750-51
Vital Records

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  1.   Jenkins, Howard M. The family of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania: ancestry and descendants. (Philadelphia, Pa.  London, Eng.: H.M. Jenkins ;  Headley Bros., 1899), Pages 88, 89.

    Among the Penn Family letters in the collections of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania is one from London, May 7, 1723, from Thomas Freame to John Penn. It begins “Dear John, is deferential and polite in tone, and uses the Friendly expressions “thee,” “thy,” etc. The writer had apparently been visiting John Penn at his home in the country, and had been ill there. He says, “Pray give my kind regards to thy sister Peggy.” This may have been the beginning of the courtship. Letters from Thomas Penn to John Penn (Margaret’s brothers), October 25 and 31, 1727, refer to Thomas Freame as if married to Margaret, and in May, 1728, a letter suggests the expectation of a child.

  2.   Margaretta Penn, in Lundy, Darryl. The Peerage: A genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe.