Person:John Woods (71)

John Woods
b.Abt 1610
m. Bef 1637
  1. Mary WoodsAbt 1637 - 1707
  2. Hannah Wood1638 - 1666
  3. Dea. John Woods1641 - 1716
  4. Frances Wood1645 - 1718
  5. Deacon James Wood1647 - 1718
  6. Katherine WoodAbt 1651 - 1716/17
  7. Isaac Woods1655 - 1720
Facts and Events
Name[2][3] John Woods
Gender Male
Birth[1] Abt 1610
Marriage Bef 1637 to Mary Parmenter
Death[1] 16 Jul 1678 Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Vital Records

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  1. 1.0 1.1 Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States. Vital Records of Marlborough, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849. (Worcester, Massachusetts: Franklin P. Rice, 1908), 404.

    Woods, John Sr., [died] July 10, 1678 [a. 68 W.]. M.R.
    [Source "W" is records of Andrew Henshaw Ward.]

  2. Savage, James. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England: Showing Three Generations of Those Who Came Before May, 1692, on the Basis of Farmer's Register. (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, 1860-1862), 4:626.

    JOHN, Sudbury, pinmaker, wh. seems an odd trade for a wilderness pioneer; by w. Mary had John, b. 8 May 1641; perhaps Francis, 1645; James, 18 July 1647; Catharine; Isaac 14 July 1655; beside Hannah, prob. the oldest ch. wh. m. 7 June 1665, John Leavins of Roxbury, and d. early, leav. Hannah nam. in the will of her gr.f. He d. 10 July 1678, and his wid. d. 1690, aged 80, says Barry. In Oct. 1675 he was, I suppose, the serg. in one of the Marlborough garrison houses, as John, James, and Isaac, his s. were there also.

  3. Cutter, William Richard. Genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of Boston and eastern Massachusetts. (New York: Lewis Publishing Co., 1908), 2:1095.

    John Woods, emigrant, came over in the ship "Hopewell", 1635, and settled first in Sudbury, subsequently removing to Marlboro, 1659. He was born in England about the year 1610, and died in Marlboro, July 10, 1678. He was a pin maker by trade. He served as sergeant in the Marlboro garrison house. He married Mary Parmenter, daughter of John and Bridget Parmenter, and her death occurred in Marlboro, August 17, 1690, aged ninety [sic, eighty] years. Their children were: 1. Mary, born 1637, married John Bellows, died September 16, 1707. 2. Hannah, born May 10, 1638, married John Levens, died October 20, 1666. 3. John, see forward [born May 8, 1641, died Marlboro April 5, 1716, married about 1669 Lydia Rice]. 4. Frances, born May 10, 1645, married James Howe, died May 14, 1718. 5. James, born July 18, 1647, died August 7, 1768 [sic, 1718]. 6. Catherine, born about 1651, married Joseph Newton, died June 26, 1677. 7. Isaac, born July 14, 1655, died July 18, 1720.