Person:John Willis (55)

John Willis
b.ABT 1811
d.20 DEC 1855
m. 17 MAR 1803
  1. David WillisABT 1804 - BEF 1884
  2. Isaac Willis1805 - 1888
  3. Nancy Willis1809 - 1887
  4. John WillisABT 1811 - 1855
  5. Alexander Willis1811 - 1890
  6. Jane WillisABT 1812 -
  7. Martha WillisABT 1817 -
  8. Mary Polly WillisABT 1818 - 1887
  9. Amos Willis1818 - 1882
  10. Richard J. WillisABT 1820 - ABT 1891
  11. Biddie Ann Willis1822 - 1901
  • HJohn WillisABT 1811 - 1855
m. c1835
Facts and Events
Name John Willis
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1811
Marriage c1835 to
Death? 20 DEC 1855


Willis Tapestry
YDNA. Willis

……………………..The Tapestry
Families Old Chester OldAugusta Germanna
New River SWVP Cumberland Carolina Cradle
The Smokies Old Kentucky



The couple first lived in Russell Co., Va., but by 1840 had moved to Scott Co., Va. In the early 70's I interviewed a descendant of Abner and Eve through the Dickson line. He was well familiar with the Willis family, and added considerably to my understanding of the circumstances that surrounded Abner's disappearance. AMong other things, I asked him about John WIllis. The person reporting his death filled in the blank for cause of death with the simple "He was killed". That, of course makes one wonder what occurred. Was this murder? His response was that he thought that John was the one who was killed by being kicked in the head by a horse. Q

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