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John Paxton
  1. Thomas Paxton1764 - 1846
  2. John Paxton1766 -
Facts and Events
Name John Paxton
Gender Male
Birth? 1766 South River Valley, Virginia

John Paxton, son of Samuel Paxton and brother of Capt. Thomas Paxton, was born in the South River Valley, in 1766. When he was thirty-one years old, on March 30, 1797, he married Jane Wilson--she is listed as Jenny in the marriage records--with the Rev. John Young, pastor of the Old Providence Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Officiating. They became the parents of six children, four sons and two daughters. The names of the girls were Polly and Eliza. The boys were Samuel, John, Nathaniel, and James.

The last named son of John Paxton and his wife Jane Wilson, James, was born December 9, 1800. He married Mary Moore, who was four months his senior in age, on September 1, 1824. Their home was in the "Fork of James" community and they were members of the High Bridge Presbyterian Church, south of the Natural Bridge. Here Mrs.. Paxton died, August 4, 1858, and was buried in the graveyard of her beloved church. The next year Mr. Paxton moved to Fairfield, residing there until after the Civil War when he moved to Winchester where he died March 6, 1868. His body was brought back to Rockbridge and buried beside his wife.