Person:John Patterson (117)

John Patterson
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Name John Patterson
Gender Male
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Source:Chalkley's Chronicles


John Patterson Records in Chalkley's Chronicles
Known John Patterson's in Chalkley's Chronicles
WeRelateDOBDODDOMSpouseFatherMotherLineage PatriarchNote
Person:John Patterson (86)169017491726Agness--John (86) John of Borden's Grant
Borden's Agent
Person:John Patterson (61)17021770 ?JaneWilliam (61)Janet ErwinPerson:William Patterson (61)son of the PA Patriarch

Person:John Patterson (63)c1727Person:Nathaniel Patterson (5)Isabella ErwinPerson:William Patterson (61)Gson of the PA Patriarch
Person:John Patterson (87)bef 1728 Person:John Patterson (86) AgnessPerson:John Patterson (86)
of Borden's Grant
not yet an adult when his father wrote his will in 1748
Person:John Patterson (66)174418221)1770
1) unknown
Susannah Brannen
John (61)JanePerson:William Patterson (61) Grandson of the Patriarch
Person:John Patterson (93)175918441) 1791
1)Elizabeth McMullin
2)Elizabeth Caraway
Person:James Patterson (122)Elizabeth James (122)Appears in Greenbriar County with his father about 1777. The name of his father has not been documented.
Person:John Patterson (85)c1772Person:Peter Patterson (3)
Person:John Patterson (116)bef 1730DODDOMSpouseFatherMotherUnattachedAdult on Naked Creek c1750
Person:John Patterson (117)bef 1725Elizabethunattached
Person:John Patterson (58)17381808 Margaret BaskinsRobert (38)Grace