Person:John O'Friel (1)

John O'Friel
b.abt. 1740
m. abt. 1738
  1. William O'Frielabt 1738 -
  2. John O'Frielabt 1740 -
  3. Eleanor O'Frielabt 1744 -
  4. Daniel O'Friel1747 - 1797
  5. Mary O'Frielabt 1749 -
  6. Jeremiah O'Frielest 1750-1758 -
Facts and Events
Name John O'Friel
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1740

Information on John O'Friel

From Chalkley's:

  • List of wolf scalps, beginning 1774: To James Loskey, Joseph Newton, William Porter, Levin Benson, William Rhea, Peter Hoover: 1777, December 16, to John Clemons, George Baxter; 1778, May 21, to Jacob Barrier, Thomas Cartmell, John McEwin, Thomas Mynes, Jonathan Hicklin, Anthony Huston; 1784, November, to John Snider, George Puffenberry, Isaac Mayze. Joseph Newton, Henry Every, Samuel Haws; 1785, March, to John Owfull; November, to Wm. Lansdale, Henry Casebolt, Henry Gragg, Moses Moore, Senior and Junior, and Jacob Elsworth, Wm. Bennett and John Armogast; 1787, December, to Thomas Galfour, Thomas Frennen and Michael Arbecost; 1788, December, to James Brindle and William Nottigam; 1789, December, to John Portlock; and Levin Nicholas; 1790, December, to William Portlock, William M. Jordan and Sylvanus Odle; 1791, December, to Hugh Keenon, Fred Troughbough, Jonathan Inchremiger (?); 1792, December, in all 106,900 pounds tobacco.
  • Slavens vs. Ervine's administrator--O. S. 355; N. S. 128--Letter, 28th January, 1818, by Robt. Ervin to Charles Ervin in Bath County on Cowpasture. John Friel, who went from Bath, was murdered and the murderer escaped to Santa Fe and took protection under Spanish government. His widow is living on Strawberry; is married and has 2 children.