Person:John Morrow (10)

John S. Morrow
m. abt 5 Jan 1789
  1. John S. Morrowabt 1795 - bef 1848
  2. Jesse Morrowabt 1797 - 1855
  3. Joseph J. Morrow1798 - aft 1860
  4. William Morrow1808 - 1880
  5. Judge Thomas Jefferson Morrow1813 - 1900
  • HJohn S. Morrowabt 1795 - bef 1848
  • WMary HaddixABT 1795 -
m. 13 Jan 1815
  1. Jesse S. Morrowabt 1822 - 1882
  2. Calvin Morrowabt 1825 - 1879
  3. Joseph G. MorrowABT 1827 - AFT 1900
  4. Jefferson G. MorrowABT 1828 -
  5. Ratliff MorrowABT 1830 - AFT 1845
Facts and Events
Name John S. Morrow
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1795 North Carolina, United States
Marriage 13 Jan 1815 Clay, Kentuckyto Mary Haddix
Census? 1820 Clay, Kentucky, United States
Census? 1830 Estill, Kentucky, United States
Census[1] 1840 Macon, Missouri, United States
Death[2] bef 14 Sep 1848 Macon, Missouri, United States
Vital Records

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John was married in Clay County Kentucky, and is found in Clay County in 1820, near Haddix men, including his father-in-law. In 1830, he is in Estill County, KY, near Jesse Morrow. By 1840, he is in Macon County, Missouri, with 6 sons and 3 daughters.

In 1836, John represented his siblings in Randolph Co, MO (Joseph, William, Jefferson, and Jesse) in dealing with the estate of their grandfather James Jay. The document was notarized in Radoph County, and filed in Person County, NC. NC Person County Deed Book M pp 403-405. [2]

In 1848, William Morrow filed papers in the estates of Sarah and Lydia Morrow. The papers indicate that Sarah and Lydia are the daughters of Rachel [Stover] Morrow, still living, and lists their "whole" brothers, as well as heirs "half blood", including the children of John Morrow. See 1848 The Probate Court record, Box 189a, Macon Co., MO, 14 Sept. 1848 of Sarah & Lydia Morrow deceased, filed by William J. Morrow [3]

  1. Macon, Missouri, United States. 1840 U.S. Census Population Schedule.

    John S. Morrow 2m u5, 4m 15-20, 1m 40-50, 1f u5, 1f 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 40-50 (Miller, p. 66)

  2. John's heirs were listed in his half-sisters' estate record on this date. See [1]