Person:John McKnight (14)

John McKnight
b.17 APR 1811
m. 4 OCT 1808
  1. John McKnight1811 -
Facts and Events
Name John McKnight
Gender Male
Birth? 17 APR 1811

John McKnight, retired farmer, was born on the old homestead farm, April 17, 1811, and is a soil of William and Jane (Fulton) McKnight, the biography of his father appearing in this work. Our subject's opportunities for an education were limited to the usual subscription class of schools of that day, and his chances for a more thorough education were materially lessened by the death of his mother, which occurred in 1825, when he was in his fourteenth year. This also made his father's task more heavy in bringing up his family of six children. Our subject, with his brothers, remained at home on the farm, and assisted their father in clearing the forest until the latter's death, which occurred in 1853, in his seventy-sixth year. Prior to his death, his father had willed his property (real estate) to his three sons, jointly, who lived together and farmed it amicably until 1861, when they divided, the other two allowing John to retain the homestead. He remained here, with his eldest sister, Hannah, as housekeeper, until September, 1868, when she died. After that he tried various housekeepers, and at last tried boarding. After tiring of all, he concluded to marry, if he possibly could, and in pursuance of this laudable purpose, he united with Miss Sarah Belle Davis, a daughter of H. L. Davis, who lives on an adjoining farm. The marriage was consummated June 12, 1876. His wife is a member of the Spring Valley Methodist Episcopal Church, and has been for more than a score of years. Mr. McKnight has been a Republican since the inception of the party, and cast his first vote for Henry Clay, in 1832. He was too old for the war of the rebellion, but his father, with two brothers, was in the war of 1812, and served in the three months' service, under Captain John Clark, grandfather of W. J. Alexander, whose biography appears in this work. Mr. McKnight lives in a fine, commodious brick house, built by his father in 1828, and remodeled by himself in 1876, just after his marriage. He is a gentleman whom to meet is a pleasure, and to know is an honor; and the same can truthfully be said of his brothers, Samuel and David, whose names appear incidentally in the biography of William McKnight, their father.