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Capt. John McFerrin
b.est. 1710-1712 Ireland
  • F.  McFerrin (add)
  1. Capt. John McFerrinest 1710-1712 - 1776
  2. William McFerrin1722 - 1802
  • HCapt. John McFerrinest 1710-1712 - 1776
  • W.  Margaret (add)
m. est. 1730-1732
  1. James McFerrinEst 1730-1735 - 1757
  2. Thomas McFerrinest 1730/32 - 1788
  3. John McFerrin, Jr.est 1732-1740 - bef 1761
  4. Samuel McFerrinest 1740/42 - abt 1800
  5. Mary McFerrinbef 1744 -
  6. Martin McFerrinbef 1749 - 1815
Facts and Events
Name Capt. John McFerrin
Alt Name John McFerran
Alt Name John McFerrand
Alt Name John McPharrin
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1710-1712 Ireland
Marriage est. 1730-1732 to Margaret (add)
Death? 24 May 1776 Botetourt County, Virginia

John McFerrin was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 381.--30th November, 1749. B. Borden to John McFarrin (Pharrin?), 319 acres of 2880 acres. Patented to Benjamin, 9th March, 1740. On Catabo Creek, a branch of James River.

Will Abstract

McFerrand, John - Will Probate May 1776
Names wife Margaret and children Samuel (with son, Robert), John, James and Thomas.
A grandson, John McFerrand.
[Source: Early Marriages, Wills and some Revolutionary War Records, Botetourt County, Virginia, Compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell, pg. 60].

Processioning List of 1765

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settler's lands, as well as their neighbors at a specific period of time:
  • Page 381.--1765: Processioners' Returns. James Rowland and Saml. Hollis report as follows, as high as Craig's Creek, viz: For Wm. Preston (on Lick Run), for Wm. Preston, on Catawbo, where Marshal formerly lived; for Israel Christian, on Catawbo, joining land formerly John Marshal; for Robt. Montgomery, for Wm. Hutchison, for Jno. McFarren, for Israel Christian, for John Miller, for Wm. Ritchie.
  • Page 408.--1765: Processioners on Waters of James and Catawbo, on South side, report, viz: For Thomas McFerrin, on Persimmon Run; for Michael Cloyd, for Wm. Herbison, adjoining Andw. Monelly; for Robt. Rowland, for Jas. Rowland; for J_____ Looney, on Sinking Spring; for Andw. Monelly; for Jno. Mills, on Looney's Mill Creek; for Jas. Moore, on Looney's Mill Creek; for Margt. Rentfro, on Beaver Dam Run and Looney's Mill Creek; for Wm. Rowland, for Geo. Poage, for Jno. Mills, where he now lives; for Margt. Clark, where she now lives; for Margt. Clark, on Back Creek; for George Burdwell, for James Lauderdale.
  • Page 409.--(1765: Processioners, con't) For John Smith, for Jno. McFerrin, for Jno. McClellan; for Jno. Allcorn, where he now lives; for David Mitchell; for Wm. Rowland, on Patrick's Run; for Alex. Evans; for John Crawford, where he now lives; for John Adams.

Records of John McFerrin in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • MARCH 10, 1745/6. - (20) Mark Evans, William Kervine, John McFarron, James McGomerie appd. Overseers of Road Blazed by Orange Co. from inhabitants of Roanoke to top Blue Ridge at bounds of Brunswick Co. and Cap. Robinson and John Mills are to lay off precincts and tithables.
  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 16, 1746. - (36) Borden vs. John McPharron-Ejectment--319 acres. (Note: it appears that Benjamin Borden felt that John McFerrin was in wrongful possession of the land on the Borden Tract, but as John later received a patent from Borden, it appears to have been resolved).
  • Page 760.--23d May, 1750. John Harrison, Jr., to Richard Hall, on Meadow Creek of Woods River, patent to John, 5th September, 1746. Teste: James Campbell, John McFarron. Delivered: Wm. Hall, July, 1763, 400 acres.
  • Page 35.--27th November, 1750, etc. Borden to Gabriel Jones, on Cautaper Creek, now in possession of John McPharring, 190 acres of 2880 acres; patented to Benj., Sr., 9th March, 1740, being lowest lot on said Creek, and numbered 8.
  • Page 307.--28th May, 1751. Gabriel Jones to Wm. Richey, 190 acres lately purchased by grantor from grantee and conveyed to him by Borden, 1750; conveyed by Borden; on Caturba Creek; John McFerring's corner.
  • Page 157.--27th November, 1755: Vestry met. Processioners designated as follows, viz (to report before 1st March next): William Robinson and John Wilson, in Cap. Vanse's Company on (page 158) Roanoke; David Miller, Wm. Carravan, James Cloyd, Bryan McDonald, Jr., in Cap. Geo. Robinson's Company; Robert Montgomery and Thos. McFerrin in Cap. John McFerrin's Company; William Bryans and Thomas Tosh in Cap. James Campbell's Company; Henry Holston and Placherd Scilar, on Craig's Creek.
  • Page 169.--1756: Processioned by Thos. McFarrin and Robert Montgomery, in Cap. John McFarrin's Company, on Catawbo Creek, for viz: For Saml. McRoberts, for Wm. Snotgrass, for John Neeley, for Pat. Shurkey, for Saml. Thompson, for Thos. Hadley, for Jno. McFerrin, for Thos. Ramsey; for Pat Scott, can't show his lines; for Jno. McClenachan, can't show his lines; for Francis Ryley, can't show his lines; for Wm. Preston, can't show his lines; for Wm. Hutchison, for James Hutchison, for David Mitchell, for Robt. Mountgomery, for Jno. Marchel, for Joshua Hadley, for Wm. Richey, for Thos. McFarrin.
  • Page 544.--18th August, 1761. James Trimble and Sarah to Mary Cunningham, of Hampshire, £12.5, 160 acres on North Fork of South Branch of Potowmack, above John Cunningham's Walnut Bottom. Teste: John McFerran, Malcolm Allen, Samuel ( ) Luisey.
  • Page 63.--18th August, 1761. John McFerrins bond (with Thos. McFerrin, Wm. Preston) as administrator of Jno. McFerrin, Jr. (listed consecutively with above record)
  • Page 101.--18th November, 1761. John McFerrin, Jr.'s appraisement, Robt. Mountgomery, Saml. McRoberts, John Mountgomery.
  • Page 206.--14th June, 1763. James Gatlive's estate appraised (by Jno. McFerrin, Thos. McFerrin, Pat Shonkey).
  • Page 400.--2d February, 1769. William Ritchie, Sr., to William Ritchie, Jr., son of William, Sr., love, &c. William, Jr., covenants to cultivate the plantation whereon William, Sr., lives; within three years after death of William, Sr., William, Jr., is to give to each of his sisters then alive, £10, 195 acres whereon William Sr., now lives, on Catawbo Creek of James River, adjoining John McFerrin and Philip Watkins, conveyed by Borden to William, Sr. Teste: Thomas McFerran, Samuel and Martin McFerran.
  1.   Austin, J. William, and Rebecca H.R Austin. Related families of Botetourt County, Virginia. (Baltimore, Maryland: Clearfield, c2000 (Baltimore : Genealogical Pub.)), pg. 205.

    The first person to get a portion of Benjamin Borden's "Good tracts" of land on Catawba was 'John McFerran, who purchased from Benjamin, Sr., jimself, in 1740. This purchase was for 319 acres from the lower end of the lower tract. Here the McFerrans, John, Martin, James, Samuel and Thomas lived and had varied experiences borh with their neighbors and the Indians. James McFerran was killed by Indians in 1757 and John, Jr., son of John was dead in 1761.

    There is a tradition in the family that two McFerran boys were playing along the spring branch in a lot between the house and the road, when one was killed and the other taken prisoner by passing Indians. The Preston list gives William McFerran, prisoner, in October 1757. At this place the present highway runs through the meadow below the house place, while the old road kept around the edge to higher grou8nd. From this place, now the home of William McFerran, the old buildings have been removed, but farther north and near the creek there is an original hewn-long house with rock chimney which certainly belongs to the early history of the community.

    John McFerran, Sr., died in 1776. His will was witnessed by James Norvill and James Ritchey, and hi sexecutors were Thomas and Samuel McFerran. In 1785 James, Samuel, Martin and Thomas were listed on the tax roll in Captain Smith's Company of Militia. Thomas was an active overseer on the road from Catawba by Patterson's Creek and Martin was in turn constable, Justice and Commissioner of the land Tax.
    [From Kegley's "Virginia Frontier", page 484-486].