Person:John McCutcheon (8)

John Callison McCutcheon
m. bef. 1748
  1. Agnes McCutcheon1748 -
  2. John Callison McCutcheon1750 - 1847
  3. Sarah McCutcheonabt 1751 - 1833
  4. Joseph McCutcheonabt 1753 - 1825
  5. William McCutcheon1760 - 1827
  6. James Callison McCutcheonabt 1765 -
  7. Robert Callison McCutcheonAbt 1766 -
  8. Hannah McCutcheon1772 -
  9. Jones Franklin McCutcheon1774 - 1859
  • HJohn Callison McCutcheon1750 - 1847
  • WElizabeth Hodgeabt 1749 - 1833
m. 1772
  1. Samuel McCutcheon1773 - 1857
  2. Margaret McCutcheon1775 - abt 1822
  3. Robert McCutcheon1778 -
  4. Eleanor McCutcheon1780 -
  5. Joseph R. McCutcheon1784 - 1860
  6. John McCutcheon, Jr1787 - 1848
  7. William McCutcheon1789 - 1852
  8. Elizabeth 'Betsy' McCutcheon1792 -
Facts and Events
Name John Callison McCutcheon
Unknown John McCutchan
Gender Male
Birth[1] 13 August 1750 prob. Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 1772 Augusta County, Virginiato Elizabeth Hodge
Death[1] 7 April 1847 Little Calfpasture, Augusta County, Virginia

John McCutcheon was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Revolutionary War Service Declaration

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - John McCutcheon's Declaration: Of the Little Calf Pasture, in Augusta County; aged eighty-two years on the thirteenth of August, 1832; entered the service in the early part of 1777 or 1778 (he thinks in 1777), when he was drafted for three months against the Indians; marched to Clover Lick, where he remained until the latter part of the next November, when he was discharged with the rest of the troops. His officers were Capt. Andrew Lockridge, Lieut. Wm. Kinkead, Ensign James Gay. About June, 1779, upon an alarm raised that Donnelly's Fort was being attacked by Indians, he was drafted and marched to the Warm Springs, were he was left with twenty or thirty others under John Wackub (either Lieutenant or Ensign)to guard that place, where he remained twelve or fifteen days and was discharged. In January, 1781, he was drafted for three months and rendevouzed at Staunton on the 8th of January, 1781; thence marched via Charlottesville, New Kent, and Suffolk to Portsmouth, where remained until the 7th or 8th of April, 1781, when he was discharged. He was under the command of Col. Sampson Mathews, Lieut.-Col. Wm. Bowyer, Capt. Wm. Kinkead, Lieut. Jacob Hamrick, Ensign Jonathan Humphreys (Major's name forgotten); no regular troops were stationed there at the time; Gen. Muhlenburg and Col. Dick visited the troops; he was in no engagement but a skirmish with the picket guards. In June, 1781, he was drafted for 20 days, with his wagon and team, and he, as driver, marched from Staunton under Maj. Alexander Robertson. He joined the main army in New Kent, where he remained his time, and longer, which was shortly after the battle of Jamestown, when he was discharged. He thinks Gen. LaFayette and Gen. Wayne were among the general officers. James Stuart (now too old to attend Court) was his companion soldier at Clover Lick. William Graham, aged sixty-nine years, deposes, that he served the last three tours with declarant. Joseph Henderson, of the Little Calf Pasture, aged sixty years, testifies to declarant's good character. William Armstrong, of the Little Calf Pasture, aged seventy-two years on the 12th of December, 1831, testifies to declarant's good character. Jacob Leas, aged sixty-seven years, also testifies to his good character.


2. John Callison McKutcheon. He was the son of 4. ROBERT MCKUTCHEON and 5. MARGARET CALLISON.
3. Elizabeth Hodge was born ABT 1749. She was the daughter of 6. Samuel Hodge and 7. Elizabeth Unknown.
Child of Elizabeth Hodge and John Callison McKutcheon is:1. i. Samuel Hodge McKutcheon. He married Agnes Gay Dunlap, daughter of Robert McFarland Dunlap and Mary Elizabeth Walkup Gay.
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