Person:John Dyer (52)

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John Dyer
b.abt. 1704
Facts and Events
Name John Dyer
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1704
Death? aft 1766 Frederick County, Virginia

1739, June 27-28: Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 3, p.18: John Branson of Orange County to Wm. Crisp of same. Lease and release; for £15 current money; 390 acres, part of a tract granted John Branson for 1,000 acres... at mouth of Mulberry Run... to Cider (sic) Creek . . . "thence down the creek to John Dyer's land". Witnesses: Robert Turk, Peter Russell, W. Russell. [Also, see Tract 13D, Map 8, from Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia, by Cecil O' Dell; this land is about 1/2 mile southwest of the village of Marlboro.]

1743, June 23-24: Orange County, Virginia Deed Book 7, p. 60: John Dyer of Orange County sold 115 acres to George Logmiller of Orange County (part of the land purchased by Dyer in 1739). Witnesses: Jost Hite, Joseph Vance, John Hite.

1747, March 5: Frederick County, Virginia Deed Book 1, p. 374: Elizabeth Dyer of Frederick County, Virginia, "for & in Consideration of the Natural love and Affection" for my "Son Andrew Campbell Dyer" have given him a "tract of land & plantation" in Frederick County "granted by Morgan Bryant and Alexander Ross to William Roberts who assigned the same to William Johnston who asssigned the same to Jonathan Peacock from whom ye Widdow the said Elizabeth Dyer purchased the same . . . on which the said Elizabeth Dyer now lives". Witnesses: Jno Sturman and Morgan Bryan. No metes and bounds description. Recorded March 5, 1747. [Source: p. 39, vol. 1, Frederick County, Virginia Deed Book Series, by Amelia Cleland Gilreath.]

1750, July 15: G-372, Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, 1742-1775, Vol. 2, Gertrude E. Gray, p. 41: William Russell of Frederick County, 297 acres in said County. Surveyed by Mr. John Baylis. On Cedar Creek, adjacent to John Dyer and Adam Hunter, on Duck Run.

1752, January 8: H-87, Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, ibid., p. 56: John Dyer of Frederick County, 100 acres in said County where he now lives. Survey by Mr. William Baylis. Adjacent to William Russel's line, on Duck Run.

1762, March 19: See Note 1 for Dyer's deposition in the Hite v Fairfax litigation.

1763, January 27: Frederick County Deed Book 8, p. 218: William Russell purchased 100 acres from John and Elizabeth Dyer for 5 shillings. [Source: Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia, by Cecil O' Dell, p. 321.] The 100 acres were described in the deed by metes and bounds, one of which is "a red oak and two white oaks in William Russell's line" and another which is "a large white oak and white oak saplin on the N side of Duck Run".

There are other references in deeds to John Dyer: Grant of May 17, 1762 to John Snapp of 315 acres on Hoggs Creek & Cedar Creek, adjoining John Dyer; grant of July 2, 1765 to Adam Shriver of 149 acres on Duck Run of Cedar Creek, adjoining Robert Marney, Barnet Disponet, and John Dyer; and grant of August 25, 1766 to Michael Poker of 136 acres on Cedar Creek adjoining his own land, William Russell, John Dyer, Barnett Desponet, John Bacheller.

  1.   Deposition of John Dyer, March 19, 1762 (part of Hite v Fairfax litigation): "That many years ago when Ld Ffax first entd his Caveat agt grantg Lands to the Westward of the blue ridge he came over the Mountains I was at the house of Thos Bransom who made appln to his Ldp to know in what manner people should get to secure their rights, he ansrd It would make no difference, that it would be only changg Lds or to paying quitrents to him instead of the Crown in case he should succeed in his suit; & that he needed to have the Country settled, I would not have any poor man quit the Place for want of Land. and on being asked by Bransom how Mr. Hite would come off who had an Order of Council for a large grant of Land he ansrd That he would be very well for he now desirous of having the Land settled." [This deposition was preceded by that of Thos Bransom and followed by that of Edwd Rogers.]