Person:John Davis (176)

John Davis, of South Branch, Potomac River
b.1734 Virginia
m. ABT 1732
  1. Isaac DavisABT 1732 -
  2. John Davis, of South Branch, Potomac River1734 -
  3. Robert Davis1735 - 1818
  4. William Davis1737 - 1773
  5. Mary DavisABT 1739 -
  6. Susanna Davis1745 - 1810
  7. Elizabeth DavisABT 1747 - 1815
  • HJohn Davis, of South Branch, Potomac River1734 -
  • WJurusha ParrishABT 1734 -
m. 11 AUG 1754
  1. Joseph Davisabt 1766 -
  2. Elizabeth Davis1773 - 1824
Facts and Events
Name John Davis, of South Branch, Potomac River
Gender Male
Birth? 1734 Virginia
Reference Number? 20
Marriage 11 AUG 1754 St James Northam Parish, Goochland County, Virginiato Jurusha Parrish
Death? Pendleton County, Virginia

John Davis was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 394.--7th February, 1753. James Wood, of Frederick; Wm. Russell and Wm. Green, of Culpeper, to John Davis, 330 acres on South Forks of South Branch Potomac, patented 1750. Teste: Roger Dyer and Samuel (X) Patton. Delivered to Charles Smith, 1773.

Processioning List of 1755

"Processioning" was the periodic review and agreement of property lines between settler's lands. Processioning Lists are useful in determining the general area of a settlers lands and their neighbors at specific time periods:

  • Vol. 2 - Page 148.--1755: Matt. Patton and Wm. Dyer processioned as follows, viz: For Roger Dyer (corner Jacob Sivers), for Jacob Sivers, for Mathias Dise (corner Ludwick Waginer), for Ludwick Wagoner, for John Dunkle 440 (corner Mathew Patton), for William Dyer, present Nicholas Hevanor; for Mathew Patton, for Matthew Patton, for Nicholas Hevernor; for Christian Dasher, present Anthony Bogart; for William Russell, none to show lines; for John Davis; for Peter Haus (Hans), present Postian Hover; for Wm. Russell, present Henry Pickle; for Wm. Russell, none to show, for Wm. Russell, none to show; for Ro. Green's heirs, none to show.

Records of John Davis in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 324.--22d March, 1764. Michael Rhine's vendue recorded—To Nicholas Havener, Henry Flesher, Jacob Rolman, Frederick Opp, Thos. Miller, John Davis, Adam Stroud, Henry Stone. Castle Hover, Wm. Robinson, Jacob Bour, Paslin Hover, Elizabeth Rhine, Leonard Props, Jno. Dunkle, Peter Smith, Geo. Bush, Nicholas Summers, Mark Swatley, Henry Pickle, Francis Evick, Leonard Simmons.
  • Page 833.--15th March, 1765. Peter Horse to Bastian Hover, Ł5, 100 acres, part of 750 acres on South Fork of Potomac, between the lands of Postle Hover and Adam Strowd. Teste: Mathew Patton, John Davis. James Dyer. Delivered to Mr. Hover, March, 1786.

Information on John Davis

From "Progress Report on Archaelogical Investigations at Fort Seybert":

The settlement of both valleys proceeded at a rapid pace. On August 28, 1750, the following men were added to the list of tithables for the part of Augusta County containing the fledgling settlements: Roger Dyer, William Dyer, John Patton, William Stephenson, Samuel Patton, Matthew Patton, John Smith, Peter Hawse, Henry Hawse, Michael Propst, Mark Swadley, Postley Hoover, George Puffenbarger, John Cunningham, William Cunningham, Henry Lancisco, Jacob Peterson, Jacob Peterson, Jr., Martin Peterson, John Dunkle, George Dunkle, Jacob Seybert and George Mouse (Chalkley, Vol. 1, pg. 41). In the 1753 alone, fifteen newcomers arrived, including: John Davis, Hwney Hawse (deceased 1755), Peter Hawse, Ulrich Conrad, John Dunkle, Jacob Goodman, Michael Mallow, Peter Mozer, Michael Freeze, John Michael Propst, John Michael Simmons, Benjamin Scott, Frederick Sherler and John, James and William Cunningham. Other settlers that arrived but before 1758 were Jacob Zorn (soon deceased), Christian Evick, Postley Hoover, Jacob Ruleman, Mark Swadley, Henry Stone, Frederick Keister, Michcel Peterson, Jacob Peterson, Jacob Peterson, Jr., Samuel Bright, Joseph Skidmore, Peter Vaneman and Adam Harper. [Source:].

From "A History of Pendleton County, West Virginia", by Oren Frederic Morton:

John Davis located on the South Fork near the northern end of Sweedland Hill, and Henry Hawes surveyed a plot in Sweedland Valley. West of the Dyer settlement were Ulrich Conrad, Jacob Seybert, John Dunkle and Jacob Goodman, located on the plateau of the South Fork Mountain. [pg. 38].
.. before 1777 Moses Elsworth was on the North Fork with John Davis, Justus Hinkle and probably the Teter brothers.
Davis, Joseph (Mary Simmons) m. 1791 - apparently son of John Davis who settled on North Fork in 1766. - Children? 1. James (Margaret Bland) - miller on Brushy Run, n. M.S. 2. Jesse (Elizabeth Bland, Irene Cunningham) - b. 1807. d. 1884. 3. Others? [pg. 195].
John Davis, apparently a resident of North Fork, was adjudged guilty of treason by the Rockingham Court and sent up to the General Court. His bondsmen were Seriah Stratton, William Gragg, and James Rogers.