Person:Joanna Biles (1)

Joanna Biles
b.bef. 1731
  1. Joanna Bilesbef 1731 -
  • HEvan Morgan1704 - 1748
  • WJoanna Bilesbef 1731 -
m. bef. 1748
  1. Dr. John Morgan1735 - 1789
  2. Col. George "Taimenend" Morgan1743 - 1810
  3. Anne Morganbef 1748 - 1774
Facts and Events
Name Joanna Biles
Gender Female
Birth? bef. 1731
Marriage bef. 1748 to Evan Morgan
  1.   The children of David Morgan and his legacy © Susan Taylor Aldridge
    Excerpt: "Evan MORGAN b: 1700 - married Joanna Biles in 1724 in Chester/Delaware, Pa, grand-daughter of William Biles, one of the earliest Quaker settlers of Bucks County, who had preceded William Penn to America. Spendlove Leatham Genealogy William Biles was a justice of the Upland Court, and it was at this house that the first known meeting of Friends at the Falls of Neshaminy was held in 1683. Of Joann's great-grandfather Blackshaw, family tradition states that he was a country gentlemen of Cheshire, who commanded a company in the army of Charles I. Randall Blackshaw, son of the Cavalier captain, became a Quaker and , in 1682, migrated to America, where he purchased 1,500 acres of land near the Falls of Neshaminy."